Friday, September 18, 2009

MNfashion Week: SCENEaSOTA preview

Just released are photos from the promo shoot for MNfashion Week fashion show SCENEaSOTA, happening next Saturday, September 26 at Ignite Modeling Studios. It's produced by local designer Maritza Ramirez, who is letting her own fashion design skills take a backseat in order to showcase six of her favorite local designers. The looks (and the show) are styled by Angie Hanson and Jane Magnitude, and I can definitely see Jane's vintage-inspired work here. Best of all is the model they chose, Lily - my hands-down favorite in the city. She has a unique Audrey Hepburn-esque charm, a coquettish look in her eye, and a prancing little walk that has led many of us to nickname her "The Fox." Here's my review of the preview:

Here we have a red satin dress by Emma Berg. It will be Emma's first-ever collection after spending the past six months designing for herself. Here are a couple Emma-designed looks she's rocked in the past:

[At Glamorama 2009; image by Emily Utne for City Pages]

[Emma at Poolside Fashion Show 2009; image by mjf foto for Metromix]

It's easy to predict Emma's collection will be the most interesting in the show, if not the best. I've seen her handiwork up close, and everything is painstakingly well-crafted. She gets her interesting silhouettes and unusual shapes by draping, and later goes back to create a pattern.
Here we have another local fashion designer to watch, Renate Adjei. The one-shoulder dress is hot right now, and the print and cut of the skirt make it interesting. Renate's designs are always undeniably feminine, so I'm sure we'll see more of that.
Here's Christine Carmichael for Carmichael Claith's contribution. From the looks of it, it seems that she has really advanced technically beyond many of the more basic pieces we saw from her last year when she first hit the design scene. The intricate pleating on the back of the top (or is it a dress?) creates a lot of interest. However, I think the froo-froo around the necklace is overdone and not necessary. Simplicity is key.

Here we have Ashley Busch. The recent St. Kate's grad was one that caught my eye during his senior showing this past May. She seems to have a knack for understanding separates and classic sportswear. However, I'm not so sure about the execution of the pant. It appears to be hemmed at the last minute, perhaps to fit the model's stature. Even then, the length completely covers up the shoes, making her look footless. But again, perhaps it's a styling issue and not a construction one.
Kathryn V., the designer behind this look, is one I'm entirely unfamiliar with. At first glance it appeared to be Jenny Carle or perhaps even Carmichael Claith. Take away the styling, and it's hard to see a point of view or even if the dress is constructed properly. We'll have to wait and see on this one.
Finally we have Jenny Carle. Simplicity in design may be Jenny's greatest strength and weakness. On one hand, this dress is wearable in many circumstances - you can dress it up, you can dress it down. On the other hand, there is no personality in it. My other qualm with Miss Carle is her usual choice in fabrication - she's been known to "upcycle" bedsheets into dresses. If I'm going to buy a local dress, I want it to, for one, be special and feel one-of-a-kind, and two, to use nice (or expensive-looking) fabrics.

Look for my review on the show next weekend at l'etoile magazine online.

All images by Stephanie Hynes Photography
Hair by Krissa Wineberg
Make-up by Shelby Lynn
Fashion styling by Hautepants + Magnitude Vintage
Modeled by Lily for Ignite Modeling

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