Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Review: Project Runway S6E3

This week's local fashion round-up is all Project Runway, Episode 3.

[Ra'mon's winning avant-garde look and sketch]

Ra'mon won last week's Project Runway challenge, making Minnesotans two for three. When last week's previews showed that it would be a team challenge with Ra'mon at the center of the drama, we could barely contain ourselves. We can't blame Mitchell for wanting to work with Ra'mon, saying "I wanted to work with someone who could carry me on this challenge." And carry, Ra'mon did - until Mitchell was aufed after all-out admitting he did practically none of the work on both outfits despite being the team leader. The whole episode we couldn't tell if Ra'mon was getting the winner's edit or the loser's edit, but when Ra'mon decided to "make it work" and ditched his scuba jumpsuit with Tim Gunn's recommendation at the last minute, instead turning out a lovely yellow hand-dyed neoprene dress, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. The feminine yet structured look was so very Ra'mon, down to the hand-dying which we haven't seen since his Spring 2008 "Eluded Love" solo show.

[Ra'mon's original surf-inspired look and sketch]

As for go-to Project Runway blog Project Rungay, Tom hated Ra'mon's neoprene look, while Lorenzo liked it. Both seemed ambivalent toward the flowy grecian-inspired look (above), which I have to admit, was very Ra'mon lite, if at all. It was all about the neoprene look for this challenge, which fortunately made a strong enough impression on the judges ("Thank God for neoprene!" Nina exclaimed) to be named the winning look. It was an ingenius fabric choice, as neoprene is apparently the rubbery fabric used for websuits.

[Christopher & Logan's beachwear-inspired look]

Christopher Straub, Minnesota's other local contestant, didn't get much screen time this week, but his looks with team leader Logan were strong enough to please the judges. This look seemed all Logan to me - fairly basic but with a slight edge. I like that he made the hat himself.

[Christopher & Logan's avant-garde look]

This look was equal parts Logan and Christopher, with Logan's scuba-inspired top versus Christopher's whimsical ball-gown bottom. The juxtaposed idea is interesting, and I dig the incorporation of a wetsuit element, but the skirt seemed to get a little messy in execution.

[Ra'mon getting down, "street style," donning a garbage bag to dye his dress]

The ladies at Jezebel can't seem to get enough of Ra'mon, either. (They have some hilar screenshots of Ra'mon getting down with dying his neoprene, and great reactions from the announcement of the additional challenge.)

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If you loved Ra'mon's look, you can bid on his winning neoprene, hand-dyed dress

[The "Giving Back Is The New Black" tote and Ra'mon]

In other Ra'mon news, a new t-shirt and tote, bearing the message "Giving back is the new black," designed by Ra'mon is available at Project Runway's shopping site. Apparently, it's part of a new line by the Project Runway Season 6 designers for the tote is available for $15, and the men's and women's t-shirt versions go for $25.

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