Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MNfashion Recap #3: 9/24

Originally posted at l'etoile magazine:

Thursday, September 24: adorn, FAME, and Project Runway

By Jahna Peloquin

[Karma / Image by Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush]

It’s rare that I make it to an event early. Typically, I tend to arrive fashionably late, and such events have a tendency to start late. So when I headed out to Adorn, a sort of fashion crawl along St. Paul’s chic Grand Avenue as part of MNfashion Week around 8 p.m., I was shocked to find out Picky Girl was closing early – an hour before the set time. But then it hit me – of course! This was St. Paul we were talking about: People here arrive early and leave early, while us Minneapolitans are the ones that are late – that’ll teach me! So tag-teaming with l’etoile staff photographer Stephens Stephens, we headed to Grand Avenue boutique Karma, in the hopes it was still kicking.

[Jahna, center, with Allie Haver and Allison Dent of Lola Red PR / Image by Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush]

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