Friday, September 25, 2009

MNfashion Week Recap #2: 9/23

Check out my recap of Wednesday night's MNfashion Week events, "Charmed Life" and "Couture Noir," at l'etoile magazine:

By Jahna Peloquin, fashion editor

With many of
MNfashion Week’s biggest events happening mid-week this fall, here’s your pre-weekend recap by l’etoile's fashion editor.

Wednesday, September 23: “Charmed Life” and “Couture Noir”

[Laura Fulk's vignette at "Charmed Life" / Image by Marcus Metropolis / interior by Jeffrey Valley]

It just so happened that two of MNfashion Week’s biggest events, “Charmed Life” and “
Couture Noir,” overlapped on a Wednesday night of all nights. The events couldn’t have been more different, but I couldn’t stand to miss either. I donned my black asymmetrical dress from Laura Fulk’s “Suffocate” collection, a nod to the designer who would be participating in “Charmed Life” that evening and the elegant Gothicism of “Couture Noir.” I added a vintage feather headpiece and vintage black lace pumps and off I went.

By the time I arrived to “Charmed Life” at the International Market Square at 7:20, the event co-produced by l’etoile with
METRO Magazine, was in full swing. With the open bar ending at 7:30, I made a beeline for the bar to grab a couple glasses of wine before checking out the stylized interior/fashion vignettes created by interior decorator Jeffery Valley in the middle of the atrium. Two-fisting it, I immediately ran into local songsmith Jeremy Messersmith, who was there supporting his wife Vanessa (co-owner of Blacklist Vintage, one of the night’s vendors), Laura Fulk, and Xavi Sostre, one of the stylists competing in that evening’s style-off I would later sit in to judge. “I love your dress!” Xavi exclaimed, not realizing it was a Le Fulk original. Laura’s vignette, decorated in a contemporary theme by Valley, included some clever leather cuffs ($10), knit hats with lace trim ($25) and faux fur cropped vests ($45), a retail-ready way to own a piece of the usually-avant-garde designer. (She’s not planning to sell them anywhere post-show, but you can contact her at if you missed out.)

[Max Lohrbach's vignette at "Charmed Life" / Image by Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush / interior by Jeffrey Valley]

Before I knew it, I was being struck from behind with some kind of stick – it was Max Lohrbach, nearly unrecognizable at first with his brand-new super-short haircut. I hadn’t seen Max since he was last in town for the Poolside Fashion Show, and I had to see his adorable vignette. It was composed of a lifesize paperdoll lady and child, which he illustrated himself. “It’s kind of dark,” Max smirked. “The picture the little girl is holding is of her dead father.” I immediately coveted the ivory silk dresscoat, but decided not to muss up the parlor-esque display by trying it on and called dibs on it. He also was selling his one-of-a-kind “hair hats,” originally created for Voltage 2009. And sell he did – two of them ended up in the hands of a couple of fab ladies, with some sales help from one of my favorite stylists in the city (and Max’s newest fan), Richard Anderson. The hats are currently available at Design Collective, if you’re interested.

Visit l'etoile magazine to read the rest!

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