Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Charmed Life" preview: Laura Fulk

[A Laura Fulk dress from "Suffocate"; image by Robb Long/Midwest Premier Publications]

Another local designer who is very high up in my book is
Laura Fulk, a longtime staple of the local design scene. Le Fulk (as we like to call her) started out with a punk, DIY aesthetic, but last spring during her first solo show "Souffocate" she showed that she was able to translate her trademark sculptural style into sophisticated, wearable clothing. (Tonight at "Charmed Life" I plan to wear a dress I snagged from this collection, a black asymmetrical piece with a high collar.)

I asked her for a preview of what she'll be showing and selling at "Charmed Life" tonight.

[Image provided by Laura Fulk]

Pictured is a beanie hat with lace trim that will be for sale. She'll also have tiny faux fur vests with chains, head wraps, scarves, fancy leather cuffs and more for sale. For the exhibition portion, she'll be showing a series of red dresses and cropped jackets with a "punky flair."

here for details on "Charmed Life," and check out l'etoile's MNfashion Week Guide for more on MNfashion Week.

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