Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mary Poppins flies into Minneapolis

[Handout image from the Minneapolis production of Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins, long a source of fashion inspiration, has made her way to Minneapolis. The off-Broadway production flew into town on Friday, and runs through Sept. 20 at the Orpheum Theater. (Click here for a Review by the Star Tribune.) It seems there's no better time than now to see how the umbrella-flying, spoonful-of-sugar-dropping nanny has inspired style most recently.

Speaking of spoonfuls of sugar, check out this look - frilly umbrella, soft-pink dress with bold red corset, dainty gloves, and a wide-brimmed hat - what could be more ladylike?

The iconic image of Mary Poppins from the P.L. Travers book shows Miss Poppins in a lovely shade of buttercup yellow, toting her eponymous carpet bag and gothy black umbrella.

The iconic Mary Poppins signature look - the frilly collar of which must have inspired the collars in Miu Miu's recent collection:

Marc Jacobs' Spring 2009 collection featured very Poppins-inspired styling, particularly in the jaunty straw hats:
Ever the style plate, here's Chloe Sevigny in a similar straw hat (which may or may not be Marc Jacobs - Sevigny has a penchant for vintage), worn recently with a kicky short-suit ensemble.

Here's a Poppins-inspired shot from style-making website The Sartorialist.

And for your local connection, here's a look local designer Emily Weich's Voltage 2009 line, inspired by - of course - Mary Poppins. The fancy umbrellas are by local designer Rebecca Sullivan.

[An Emily Weich look in Voltage 2009 / Image by Staciann Photography]

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  1. How do you know all of those looks/designers were inspired by Mary Poppins?