Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Local fashion round-up for 9.16

There's still tons of news coming out about the current season of "Project Runway" and New York Fashion Week.

[Image courtesy Blogging Project Runway]

Here's all of the Project Runway season six cast members (excepting Althea) who attended Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman's New York Fashion Week show, via Blogging Project Runway. From left, it's Logan, Carol Hannah, Ra'mon, Christopher, Qrystyl, and Epperson.

[Image by Sara Glassman for METRO]

Here's Shaunie O'Neal wearing Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman at Ra'mon's New York Fashion Week show on September 11. The dress was originally created last winter for the "Rare Affections" collection I co-curated with Emma Berg of at the mnfashion holiday boutique. She's wearing ROX necklace and earrings by Robyne Robinson.

Check out the original sketch and the dress in the promotional images:

[Image by Nic Marshall, styling by Eclecticoiffeur, sketch by Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman]

Here's a bit of juicy gossip from backstage at Ra'mon-Lawrence's NY Fashion Week show regarding Shaunie on Page Six. (It's true, because I was there!)

[Althea, Katy & Christopher at Ra'mon's show; Image courtesy Blogging Project Runway]

Here's "Project Runway" season 6 contestants Althea Harper and Christopher Straub with season 3 contestant Katherine Gerdes, center, at Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman's Fashion Week Show last Friday. Here's Blogging Project Runway's review, where they call the collection "colorful and fun." They also post links to my blog about the lead-up to the show and photos. They note the contestants at his show here.

[Christopher & Jack at Malan's show; image courtesy Blogging Project Runway]

Here's Christopher and Jack Mackenroth of season five at Malan Breton's Fashion Week show this week.

[Robyne Robinson; image by Sara Glassman for METRO]

Here's Robyne Robinson, who designed jewelry for Ra'mon's show, at NY Fashion Week. Sara Glassman has more at her blog for METRO Magazine.

In "Project Runway" news:

[Dress by Ra'mon-Lawrence, modeled by Vanessa Fitzgerald; Image courtesy Lifetime]

Blogging Project Runway reported that Tim Gunn was the winner of Ra'mon's Episode 3 neoprene yellow dress. According to a recent interview, Tim said he plans to give it to Nina Garcia as a gift. No one recalls Nina ever wearing a Project Runway design before, so regardless if Tim bought it with good intentions or to make a point to Nina, it could be a big deal, should Nina don the dress.

Ra'mon makes news in the NewYork Post for his toilet-dying antics in the same episode.

Project Rungay has more shots of Ra'mon's little blue dress from last week's episode of Project Runway. They say it's a pretty dress but perhaps "a bit much." That's our Ra'mon. Here's their review of Christopher's dress.

In local fashion news:

City Pages has a preview highlighting some key events during MNfashion Week.
-Here's The Minnesota Daily's
interview with the ladies of La Nouvelle Femme.
-Chicago-based blog The Midwasteland previews MNfashion Week.

Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart gives
more details on the t-shirt designs I had commissioned from him for the August edition of FAME. (Check them out on Le Petit here.)

[T-shirt designs by Anthem Heart for Clapperclaw 2009]

City Pages reviews Clapperclaw, which included fashions by Laura Fulk, Hilary Falk, and Emily Kuznar. Unfortunately, there's yet to be any images posted of Laura Fulk's contribution. For their part, Anthem Heart created a Grindhouse-inspired shirt design.

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