Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Local Fashion Round-up for 9.3: Mid-week Edition

With some national press heading the way of Robyne Robinson and Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman for their upcoming New York Fashion Week collaborative showing on September 11, I thought it merited a mid-week edition of the Round-up.

[Robyne Robinson modeling her jewelry; image by Kate Iverson; Roker, courtesy Getty Images] picks up on the collaboration at New York Fashion Week, which is good in that it's press, and bad in that it pegs Robyne as a newscaster-gone-mad-celebrity designer. I mean, they call the article "News anchors now churning out fashion lines with wild abandon." A Tiny Machine blogger/l'etoile founder Beth Hammarlund sets them straight with this apt response. In other news, I'll be styling the show. (And if I can toot my own horn just a little, I initiated the collaboration for Ra'mon's preview showing at the recent Project Runway premiere screening in St. Paul.)

And best of all, here's Robyne's retort, posted on in the comments on the above link:

well... thanks for the press! it's all good. but a little back info: arts background, discovered by ralph lauren pres. frank guzzetta. was in macy's stores in the midwest for a few years... now in boutiques from santa fe to athens, greece. not just some goofball anchor making jewelry on a whim. don't judge just by the anchor jacket. but amy please come to the show, and if you still hate it... be as snarky as you wanna be!

best, rox jewelry...
By robynempls on 09/02/2009 at 11:05pm

[My fave vamp, True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard as Sheriff Eric]

Capitalizing on our shared True Blood obsession, Beth Hammarlund also posted a blog of her favorite TV and film vampires of all time.

[Andy Warhol's Warhol TV]

Anyone who knows me even slightly should know I'm an Andy Warhol-aholic. So I naturally found this blog by Paul Schumacher, the book buyer for the Walker, about a recent discovery, Warhol TV. It's a magazine-like publication focusing on Warhol's relationship with TV; check out his blog on the Walker's site for more. The book is now available at the Walker Shop for $17.
[A look from Couture Noir by designer Anthony Eliason; image by Emily Unte]

Preview the upcoming MNfashion Week show Couture Noir at the newly-launched Fashion lines include Melanie Ree (Seamstrix), Elizabeth Chesney, Anthony Eliason, Megan Bishop (Apatico), Samantha Rei (Blasphemina's Closet), Danielle Everine, and show producer Mackenzie Labine (Oishiimomo), plus jewelry by Kristin Berwald (Bionic Unicorn). Mark your calendars: The show happens September 23 at the Varsity Theater.

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