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Local fashion roundup for 9.21

[Image courtesy WireImage]

The "Project Runway" season six crew - and PR alumni - showed up to a party thrown for them by Marie Claire last Thursday. Marie Claire, of course, is the sponsoring publication of "Project Runway" now that Nina Garcia works for them. Ra'mon and Christopher were there reprazentin' Mpls-St.Paul. Some of the season's winning designs were on display, including Ra'mon's now-infamous yellow dyed neoprene dress (won recently by Tim Gunn in the online auction, which he says he plans to give to Nina) and Christopher's winning dress from the premiere episode.

[Image courtesy Project Rungay]

Judging from the comments on the Project Rungay blog, Christopher is turning into America's sweetheart (and Duckie from "Pretty in Pink" lookalike). Everyone is torn on Ra'mon's hair - old news to many of us who know him, but a startling change from what we're seeing on the current season.

Last Thursday's episode of "Project Runway" provided a for-once interesting challenge - make a chic look out of newspaper. There wasn't an obvious loser on the runway - only some that were fantastic and others that were good.

[Christopher's episode 6 dress; Image courtesy Lifetime]

Christopher's dress came up second place, and guest judge Eva Longoria seemed particularly entranced by its feather-like appearance. I think it should have won over Irina's beautiful-but-very-Laura-Bennett coat. "It just swayed down the runway and did not look like newspaper. If you squint, it looked like feathers," Longoria said. Guest judge Tommy Hilfiger said, "It's a wow." Check out this post on the Project Rungay blog for close-up screen shots.

[Ra'mon's episode 6 dress; Image courtesy Lifetime]

Said to be inspired by "Cubism and origami," its intricacy in design is made all the more apparent upon closer inspection. While Christopher's was the show-stopper of this episode, Ra'mon created something that was super chic, wearable, and very Ra'mon.

[Ra'mon in Anthem Heart tee; Image courtesy Lifetime]

Anthem Heart recently posted pictures of Ra'mon wearing Anthem Heart designs while on set for "Project Runway" via the Lifetime site. Here's what Ken of Anthem Heart had to say on the experience: "Our friend Ra'mon commissioned some t-shirts a couple years ago (was it that long ago?) and I was much obliged. Not knowing he had plans to wear them on Project Runway or that he was just about to break the news that was about to leave MPLS altogether and move to LA for the show, I tailored the designs specifically for his style...then he turns up on TV wearing them! Awesome!"

Local fashion blog roundup:

Chicago-based blog
The Midwasteland has an in-depth profile of the designers behind this Saturday's SCENEaSOTA fashion show. (Check out my preview of the show here.)

City Pages has 5 Questions with Mackenzie Labine, a local designer and the producer of this Wednesday's Couture Noir fashion show.

CP also has photos from last Friday's Envision fashion show by Emily Utne.

Sara Glassman reports from Fashion Week via METRO Magazine about the Badgley Mischka show, which showcased jewels from Sequin, a line by native Minnesotans Linda and Kim Renk. Here's her writeup on Juut's Pearson Knight, who led hair for Aveda-sponsored shows including Rodarte.

The New York Daily News has a little
blurb about Ra'mon's Fashion Week show.

Finally, here's local designer and SCENEaSOTA producer Maritza Ramirez on Channel 9 News talking about fall fashion and previewing one of the looks from the show by Emma Berg, as worn by Ignite model Tearra. (Skip to around 4:30 to get to the segment.)

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