Monday, February 21, 2011

"Distortion" U of M senior show in review

On Saturday, I attended the U of M senior fashion show, "Distortion," and reviewed the show and took photos for Check out the entire photo set here.

Other media coverage and photos from the show:

[Photo by Amy Gee]

Amy Gee photographs her favorite hair and makeup from the show, by designer Laura Henslin. She also took some great runway shots for her blog, Flash Revolutions.

Lauren Gantner reviews and shoots the show for l'etoile magazine.

METRO Magazine fashion editor Mary O'Regan does a photo post of her favorite looks from the show on her personal blog, Art of Wore.

Carla Ray Thompson reviews and shoots the show for The Minneapolis Examiner.

Stacy Schwartz shoots the show and Patrick Strait reviews it for City Pages.

Jay Gabler spotlights junior designs from the show for Twin Cities Daily Planet, and recaps Kathryn Sterner's line. More content on the show to come.

Stylist Hollie Mae Schultz (in a Niki English design) and her assistant AJ Lund take in the show; Hollie recaps.

Rod Hasse also shoots the show. He also did a photobooth at the show.

Twin Cities Fashion also reviews the show.

la fille fac├ętieuse reviews lines by Laura Henslin and Carol Lee.

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