Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion link roundup: 2.21-2.27

[Kara Nesvig, photographed by Amy Gee]

Kara Nesvig offers her picks for the best lipsticks of all time for Beauty Bets.

Kara also gives her picks for best spring nail polishes for her own blog, Vanity Project.

Kara asks her stylist pal Ines Kovacevic what's in her makeup bag.

Local blogger Jake Thompson went to Wisconsin to hang out with Johnny Weir at a book signing gig. So jealous.

Mall of America intern and stylish gent Clark Rahman offers his tips on dressing well on an intern's budget.

Corey Tenold of gives an inside look at the new martinpatrick3 / I.D. inside design space.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine does a Q&A with local Juut Master Stylist Jen Hughes on shooting at New York Fashion Week.

Jane Belfry offers her London Fashion Week favorites.

Carla Ray Thompson of the Minneapolis Examiner interviews Voltage '11 designer Ivan Idland.

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  1. Hi there, Thank you so much for the mention but I am actually Clark Rahman and am an intern at Minnesota Opera, not the Mall of America. I was a guest blogger on the MOA blog, but again thank you so much for the mention. Just wanted to clarify.