Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog alert: Fashionasty

There's a new blog in town fashion-lovers will want to bookmark: Jake Thompson's Fashionasty. Well, technically it's not "new" - the humorous, fashion-trash-culture blog offers Thompson's musings on all that is fabulous has been going on for awhile now, but the Minnesota native has just returned home after spending a few years in New York City, where he worked as a producer’s assistant on the TV show Ugly Betty for two seasons.

[Jake Thompson; Photo by Ellen Dahl Lawson for]

This sample text shows Jake's signature, amusing turn-of-phrase:

The world is ur oyster, so make like Grace Jones: snap into a raw amuse-bouche aphrodisiac, get outta ur clam, and get center stage. Life is wasted on the boring and the safe, so hone ur inner fashionasty and get on the plates of foodies worldwide. Don’t just make them hungry, make them salivate over you.

Read on at Fashionasty.

Some more fun, fashion-y blogs by stylish locals: Pop culture and international fashion-oriented Tumblr by my favorite Bosnian and social media maven Marina Maric. Tumblr by supercute MCAD student Christo Collins with art, design and fashion angle.
Merci Beaucoup: Blog by up-and-coming stylist/model/It girl Ines Kovacevic with an international fashion bent.
Weston Silver: Tumblr by stylist John Sand focusing on art, design and fashion. Men's fashion blog by web developer/sometime model Corey Tenold.
Typoscura: Photo inspiration blog by local photographer/graphic designer/hottie Tucker Gerrick.
Couture et Cuisine: Fashion-meets-foodie-meets-luxury blog by local stylist Jane Belfry.
Flash Revolutions: Local photographer highlights her style pics and personal style.
The Society: Local hip-hop-styled events group The Society has a killer tumblr-style blog.
Vanity Proejct: Beauty-centric blog by writer/stylist Kara Nesvig.

(Note, this list doesn't include personal style or street style blogs.)

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