Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin Kramp's Paris Fashion Week showing in review

Local men's knitwear designer Kevin Kramp has been particularly prolific as of late. He was featured in an exhibition at Paris Fashion Week in January, and has an upcoming exhibition at Antwerp fashion museum MoMu in March - on top of his solo show with Emma Berg during MNfashion Week in April.

[Kevin Kramp knitwear. Photo via Raddest Right Now from ra exhibition]

Raddest Right Now spotlighted Kevin Kramp as one of 16 international contributors to the Paris outpost of ra, an Antwerp-based fashion concept store/gallery/venue space where design, photography, installation, music and performance meet.

Fashion Windows also spotlights Kramp's work in the exhibition, as well as mentioning his upcoming exhibition in Antwerp's MoMu knitwear exhibition.

Juliet Urjoman interviews Kramp on his January exhibition at ra. reviews the ra show at Paris Fashion Week, spotlighting Kramp.

Click HERE to view photos from the ra exhibition on Kramp's Facebook page.

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