Sunday, February 6, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

The best in local street fashion, portrait and fashion photography from local muses and lenses, gathered via Twitter, Facebook and blog uploads from the past week.

Dirty Hair Halo blogger Shanon Licari shows off her chipped nails and rings. blogger/web developer Corey Tenold dresses the part.

Stylist/blogger Jane Belfry fades out.

The Minneapolis Affair street style bloggers are back in town from a trip to L.A. Click here for more photos from Hen-Lake.

Marketing guru/rocker Christian Erickson shows off his new camera.

Ellen Dahl Lawson shoots style at Walker After Hours for The Minneapoline. Click here for more style shots from that night at

Ellen also shoots Ignite models in looks by Ivan Idland (top) and Amanda Christine (bottom) at Cliche's "Avoid the Grey" fashion show for The Minneapoline.

Louisa Marion shoots painter Torey Bonar.

Amy Gee shoots her roommate's new dog. The plaid couch is the perfect touch.

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