Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maritza Ramirez's "Avoid the Grey" mini-collection

Local designer Maritza Ramirez just posted some images of her mini-collection she created for last weekend's "Avoid the Grey" fashion show. Maritza notably created these looks out of upholstery fabric, and the result is overall wearable and chic. The images were shot at Spinario Design vintage interior shop. Notably, the hair was done by HAUS salon owner and former Juut creative director Charlie Brackney, photography by Amy Gee, and fashion styling by Jane Belfry. Let's take a look, shall we?

Fantastic shot. Perfect dress on the perfect girl, lovingly lit. Love how the light reflects on the fabric of the dress. And the hair is perfectly whimsical - the bow was a nice touch.

Nice shot, nice lighting, model looks good. I have to take issue with the skirt though - the weird pinching at the sides just looks, well, weird. I would have preferred a perfectly executed pencil skirt. I know Maritza was going for detail here, but it just doesn't work for me. The little top is cute though - here the scrunching on the shoulders works.

Kind of a flat shot, dontchathink? And why is the framing so narrow? It almost clips the cape at the shoulders. I would've preferred they show the cape in a more dynamic way. But the skirt shows some detail and yet is perfect in its simplicity. Love the shoes.

Designs: Maritza Ramirez
Photography: Amy Gee
Styling: Jane Belfry
Makeup: Kirsten Solie
Hair: Charlie Brackney
Model: Alison Bengston (Vision)

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