Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Minneapoline shoots for Lucky Magazine

Ellen Dahl Lawson of longtime local street style blog The Minneapoline (and also the street style shooter for has had her photography featured in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine. Love that she is showcasing some great Minneapolis style! (Click to enlarge)

I'm not sure who the other two ladies are, but the girl on the far left is Angel C. Yang of Secrets Fashion Agency, a local styling group, and she is also one of my stylists for Voltage 2011. The little lady on the far right is Brittani Lepley, wearing a Prada skirt from designer resale boutique June.


  1. jahna - the girl on the far right is a regular customer of mine at June - Brittani Lepley. She's dressed in a Prada skirt from June!
    thanks! daune

  2. I'll made an edit to note! Thanks Daune!