Sunday, January 15, 2012 delves into the fabulous closets of Ballet of the Dolls writer Lightsey Darst offers an in-depth look into the fabulous closets of Ballet of the Dolls in the latest edition of the online literary arts journal. The Ritz Theater's in-house dance group is known for its abundance of feathers, glitter and color, particularly in its annual "Nutracker" performance, thanks largely to the decadent touch of costume designer, dancer and fashion stylist Grant Whittaker. Here's an excerpt:

Some costumes are custom-built, as ballet costumes usually are, but more seem rescued from thrift stores. I can just picture the shy fifties debutante who first wore this strapless peach floral confection with rows and rows of tulle and satin ribbon, then how it languished in her closet for years before she gave it away -- giving away with it the memory of her first kiss? Stained as it is, I think this dress is happy here -- as all these clothes are happy, glowing with use. Tatty, ratty, faded or frayed, it all pleads wear me, become.

Head over to to read the entire article; it's a good read. (My only complaint: it's a little short on visuals.)

Photos by Parker Michels-Boyce

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