Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Estate releases new video on eve of NYE show

Leading up to their New Year's Eve performance tomorrow night at Sauce Spirits & Soundbar, local electro-pop duo Estate has released this super-sweet near video for new track "In the Red." It features what appears to be found footage from various '80s-era Korean (?) films and commercials, all of which feature adorable Asian girls hawking '80s technology products - boomboxes, TVs and the ilk.

For more on this New Year's show (with other local electro-pop faves Lookbook, Mystery Palace, Gigamesh and Beatrix*Jar) and other NYE events, check out my New Year's Guide for létoile magazine.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

l'etoile Q&A with Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman

Check out my brand-new, exclusive interview with Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman via l'etoile magazine:

Le'TALK: l'etoile interviews Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman

by Jahna Peloquin
Suffice to say, it's been quite the year for fashion designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. Though we can no longer officially call him a local since his move to Milwaukee to take up a design position at Kohl's and jet-set around the country for his appearance on Project Runway's sixth season, our dear friend and frequent collaborator first established him design career in the Twin Cities fashion industry.

As he prepares to co-host Thursday night's New Year's Eve "Crystal Ball" event at International Market Square with fellow Project Runway bff Christopher Straub, he gives us the exclusive on what he plans to show at the event and the exciting things he has in store for 2010.

We've heard rumors that you and Christopher are not only hosting Thursday's event, but also showing some of your own designs. Will there be anything we haven't seen before?

Definitely. Christopher and I are showing small holiday capsule collections. I’m doing some all-new, really wearable pieces. Everything will be black and silver. One little jacket I'm doing is covered in four-dimensional diamonds. Literally, Brent (my boyfriend) was like, this looks like something Lady Gaga would wear. It’s all really cool. It’s very art nouveau meets space-age gothic.

Will the collection be available to purchase? We're sure people will be dying to get their hands on your new stuff!

It will be available on my website, hopefully shortly after the beginning of the year.

Speaking of the new year, what do you have in store? It's been a while since we've heard anything from you but we know you've been busy.

I will be on television again next year. It has nothing to do with Project Runway. I’ll be involved with two other reality-based programs, one of which is of The Real Housewives franchise. I’ll be showing (my Fall 2010 collection), but I might be bypassing New York this year. I have been asked to show during NOVA, Virginia’s fashion week and will also be showing at Chicago Fashion Week.

Besides your online store, will we start seeing the ra'mon-lawrence line sold anywhere else?

Yes. Ultimately in 2010, you’ll see ra’mon-lawrence as a label carried by a major U.S. retailer, which I cannot name at the moment. It’s a pretty, pretty major opportunity. I’m really excited about it.

We've heard murmurs that you've been planning a move.

I will be moving to New York in late spring/early summer, so that’s a go. What else... I’ll be doing an art-as-fashion exhibit at the Milwaukee art museum this summer, which will be a huge mosh of runway and installation. In late summer, I’ll be doing a college tour, going to different fashion programs and talking to the students, including a master’s workshop. And I’ll actually be going to Tokyo for awhile for a huge project which involves me getting with an overseas retailer as well.

Well it sounds like it will be some time before we get to see you again in the Twin Cities!

No, I'll still be around. I'm set to do a graphic t-shirt collaboration with (local graphic designer for YouWorkForThem) Mike Cina.

Ooh, we love him!

And finally trying to relax.

...Somehow we find that hard to believe. Tickets are available for "Crystal Ball" HERE. $35-50, VIP $60-80. Doors at 9 p.m., fashion show at 10 p.m. 21+. International Market Square, 275 Market St., Mpls. 612-338-6250.

[Image credits: Top image featuring Ra'mon in YouWorkForThem t-shirt by Carlos Gonzalez for; middle image by Eliesa Johnson for METRO Magazine; bottom image featuring ra'mon-lawrence designs by Robb Long for Minnesota Premier Publications]

Monday, December 28, 2009

Max Lohrbach photographed for METRO

This lovely photo of local fashion designer Max Lohrbach just appeared on his facebook page. I believe he was photographed for METRO Magazine, but what could it be for? Only time will tell!

[Max Lohrbach for METRO. Photographer unknown]

If you want a piece of Max - and who wouldn't? - he recently started selling his lovely fashion illustrations as cards at Design Collective.

More on Max, via Le Petit:

Max Lohrbach illustrates Faustian Tales for Sandbox Theatre
'Charmed Life' preview
RetroRama preview
In Review: RetroRama

Raul Osorio's feather collar

Check out this brilliantly-executed feather and leather collar created by local designer Raul Osorio, which he created for his friend and stylist Danica Andler for Christmas.

Raul will debut his first menswear collection, which features a mariachi-meets-Grecian draping aesthetic, at Voltage 2010. (I preview the designers in this earlier post on Le Petit.) Let's hope he continues to create such gorgeous and innovative accessories for women in the future!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Local fashion roundup

It's been a while since I've posted my usual weekly local fashion blog roundup, so here's a very-packed edition to peruse as you languish at your day job or sneak away from the family.

Holiday guides

[Photo by Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush for l'étoile]

I wrote this Guide to Holiday Shopping and contributed to l'étoile's Guide to Holiday Cheer for l'étoile magazine.
I also contributed to's New Year's Eve Guide and Last-minute holiday shopping guide.

Also check out All Tomorrow's Parties, Juleana Enright's guide to throwing a swanky holiday party for l'étoile, Horst's Top 5 Tips to a Green & Organic Holiday Season for l'étoile, Alexis McKinnis' holiday drinks guide for, and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Holiday Product Picks from Horst's latest endeavor, Intelligent Nutrients.

In review:

[Image by Stephen Stephens/Digital Crush for l'étoile]
  • Photos from JUBILEE, l'etoile and Blacklist Vintage's holiday party at Rogue Buddha on 12/19 (via l'étoile).
  • Photos from the Black Christmas shopping event at Blacklist Vintage on 12/11 (via l'étoile).
  • Photos from the Hot Holiday dance party at Jetset on 12/11 (via l'étoile)
  • City Pages' latest edition of Freestyle Fashion style bloggers shoot at Walker After Hours, First Avenue, and the Black Friday Art Show.
Cool new blogs:

LOL/OMG!, of which I'm a contributor along with Kate Iverson and Marina Maric, featuring "gossip from the seedy underbelly of the Twin Cities social media circuit."

Blue Future Design is a new blog by Bryant Locher, lighting and light installation guru behind Solid Gold's live shows and videos. Via l'étoile: "Solid Gold lighting luminary and visual artist Bryant Locher's new blog, bluefuture, gives you a look into the mind behind the florescent light box magic. Including everything from a preview of the new Tron movie with a soundtrack helmed by Daft Punk; crazy future-sexy video clips; science news about cyborg helmets; and updates from the Solid Gold front. Other than that, expect "bullshit rambly writings and shameless self-promotion." An intriguing and entertaining mix, if we do say so!"

More local fashion-related blog links:

My top picks for Models of the Decade (Twin Cities Edition).

Allison Kaplan interviews gorgeous Vision model (and the current face of Calvin Klein menswear) Will Defiel.

City Pages interviews former Project Runway contestant Christopher Straub. Visit Star Tribune for more about Christopher's sketches being sold on eBay and his accessories being sold on ShopNBC.

In other local PR news, Christopher will be pixelated along with Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman for the new Project Runway season six video game for Wii. Both will appear at the Crystal Ball New Year's Eve celebration at International Market Square to co-host the fashion show and bring pieces from their latest collections.

City Pages' offers up their Worst Minnesota Fashion Trends of the '00s.

One of my favorite local designers, Annie Larson, posts about her upcoming collaborative art installation with SisBro's Erin and Brett Smith, Adrian Freeman, and Ann Marie Delathouder Freeman called New Land of Milk and Honey.

@marrina posts about W Magazine's spread featuring the entire run of select Spring 2010 shows and customized Lady Gaga Barbie dolls.

Did you know @marrina also moonlights as a writer for Mediaite? Here she posts about MeiselPic, which is as she describes, "not a new Twitter photo service, but a social media-inspired multi-pic editorial by noted fashion photographer Steven Meisel."

A Tiny Machine posts about Rihanna's military fashion in the new video for "Hard."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Models of the Decade (Twin Cities edition)

One of my daily go-to blogs,, recently posted their picks for The Decade's Top Models, and it inspired me to ruminate on the Twin Cities' own bevy of model talent. I've had the opportunity to work with many of these models personally, freelance and with my stylist collective Eclecticoiffeur, since I began styling in 2004. (Sorry fellas, this a ladies-only edition.) Here's my top ten in no particular order:

[Greta photographed by Jennifer Crest/Styling by Jane Belfry, spring 2009]

Greta Sundquist
Greta's another hot up-and-comer, hitting the scene only this year and already making enough of an impact to be one of only two local models to have the chance to walk in the high-profile Glamorama show, wearing the likes of Marc Jacobs and Jean-Paul Gaultier runway. Greta is sort of our own Agyness Deyn, all platinum blonde cropped hair and a hard, sharp look perfect for runway and high-end editorial. She also has the fiercest walk of them all. Greta is currently with Vision Model Management.

[Lauren photographed by Jennifer Cress/Styling by Jane Belfry]

Lauren Wade
Another model to recently take off is the lovely Lauren Wade. Lauren recalls wide-eyed beauties like Lauren Cant and Alexis Bledel, and she outright owns the camera - every shot with Lauren is a keeper. She made the cover of Twin Cities Statement twice, and has become a favorite of local designers like Amanda Christine and a muse to the photography/styling team of Jennifer Cress and Jane Belfry. She's also picked up a lot of commercial work as of late, so it seems doubtful she will stay in this city much longer.

[Eve photographed by Nic Marshall/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur in December 2008]

Eve Rydberg
Eve is one of my all-time favorite models to work with. I first met her when I was Lead Stylist for a show called Fresh Face Showcase back in 2005, and she instantly struck me with her silent film-esque doe eyes, strong brows, and bow-shaped lips. She also has two key traits to a great model: an innate ability to transform her look, and a background as a dancer and actor. She now lives in Chicago, and is currently focusing on dance and theater as well as modeling. She is currently represented by Stewart Talent in Chicago.

[Ashley photographed by Nic Marshall/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur at Fashion Fight Night, February 2008]

Ashley Hawks
Via Steve Marsh's excellent article on the state of modeling in the Twin Cities, published January 2009: "At twenty-three, Ashley is one of the few working models in the Twin Cities. There are hundreds of girls listed with local agencies, but Ashley is one of the dozen or so who works regularly, weekly or thereabouts, most often for the city’s largest modeling client, Target." What I have to say about Ashley: her look is pure sex yet wholesome, all Angelina Jolie lips, come-hither eyes, and enough curves to make a straight girl swoon. A consummate professional, I once put her in shoes two sizes too small (by accident, of course) and she posed with aplomb despite having the circulation cut off in her feet. She is currently represented by Moore Talent.

[Joy photographed by Vanessa Meade/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur, September 2007]

Joy Phillips
Joy is yet another all-time favorite of mine, having worked with her more times than I can count. She served as the lookbook model for Voltage 2009, and was a cover model for in fall 2007. She is a true chameleon, able to look like an angelic beauty one moment, a fierce, other-worldly creature the next, and could just as easily pull off retro looks as she could futuristic. Like all my favorite models, she's since retired from the industry for a career in film.

[Monica, image credit unknown]

Monica Ulrich
Another all-time favorite, I first worked with Monica back in early 2007 for the first Fashion Fight Night. She has such a striking look, all fiery red hair, alabaster-white skin, and six feet of long, gazelle-like limbs. She did some modeling overseas and had a high-profile stint walking in Macy's Glamorama back in 2007, and recently returned to the fold. She's now with Ignite Models.

[Lily photographed by Bernie De Belles]

Lily Adriana
Lily, "the Fox." The "Lithuanian Audrey Hepburn." I could go on. Lily's is a look that doesn't so much as transform as she transforms it. Her trademark coquettish walk, her raised eyebrow that says coyly, "who, me?", and her natural cat-eye eye shape seduce all who come into contact with her. Oh, and she's twice been the cover model for She's currently represented by Ignite.

[Monique, photo credit unknown]

Monique Darton
I've never had the opportunity to work with Monique, but she caught my eye just last fall when combing the pages of Vision Model Management. By this point, she was already in such demand on the coasts that we couldn't land her, and it's no wonder why - that gorgeous hair and skin tone, and softly confident look, has landed her a high-profile gig as a contestant on the upcoming season seven of Project Runway. Kudos to the brilliant eye of Vision for first spotting her.

[Whitney, photo credit unknown]

Whitney Fransway
The very-young Whitney is definitely one to watch on a national level. I first remember seeing her headshot a few years ago in the Vision files, and only recently have had the chance to work with her on both of Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman's Spring 2010 shows (the Project Runway premiere in St. Paul and his Fashion Week show in NYC), as well as the recently-shot Spring 2010 campaign for Juut Salonspa. Her doe eyes and lithe frame showcase a delicate sophistication beyond her years. She's currently based out of L.A. but does work in the Twin Cities from time to time; Vision represents her in L.A. and Ignite represents her locally.

[Liz photographed by Kate Iverson/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur for l'etoile magazine/Opitz Outlet]

Liz Schoening
As easy as you'd think it'd be to find a good blonde model in Minnesota, it's hard to find one that doesn't look like an overprocessed pop-star/cheerleader, and few can pull off high-fashion as well as commercial. I recall spotting Liz's all-American freckles and sandy blonde hair on a Vision Models comp card and fell in love. The ultra-tall beauty's look is slightly awkward yet strong, and she's a real pro. Currently Liz is with Ignite.

Honorable mentions

Here's a few up-and-comers to watch for and personal favorites.

[Karen O photographed by Vanessa Meade/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur, September 2007]

Karen O'Bryan
Another all-time favorite, Karen O was always striking with her sleek chin-length bob, wide-set eyes, and aquiline nose. The former Vision model recalled both a '40s movie star and something more otherworldly. Her unusual look made her a favorite muse to local designers during her stints walking for Voltage. She has since moved to San Francisco to pursue visual art.

[Emily photographed by Nic Marshall/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur. Test shoot, September 2007]

Emily Gribble
Another model retiree, Emily G first enchanted us with her alternately adorable and smoldering look, pulling off both commercial and edgier editorial with equal aplomb. I adored her for her ability to play with the camera and bring energy to every shot.

[Tearra photographed by Filipe Marques]

Tearra Rosario
Tearra's Latin heritage is clear in her slinky walk and her coy smirk. Her vivid personality truly comes through in her modeling, but she is careful to not let it overshadow the styling - a balancing act only the best achieve. The one-time cover model is only 5'9", it's unlikely Tearra will burst out of the Twin Cities model bubble, but her gorgeous face and hair could bring her success in the commercial print arena. She's currently with Ignite Models.

[Kelly photographed by Rod Hasse / Dress by Amanda Christine]

Kelly Streigel
Though her frame can look awkward and she's relatively short at 5'8", Kelly really struck me when I first spotted her at an Ignite fashion show. Her look is very unusual, a doe-like gamine who pulls off high-fashion looks, and all the awkward posing it requires, like a pro. Unsurprisingly, she's become a favorite to showcase looks from ultra-cool Minneapolis-based website Shop Fatal. Watch for this up-and-comer to make more waves in the '10s.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Local fashion + events for 12.17-12.31

Check out my posts from earlier this week:

[Monique Darton]

Local model to appear on next season of "Project Runway": Lifetime announced the contestants for Project Runway's seventh season yesterday... Read more

This holiday season, go custom: Still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? One luxury I allow myself is getting custom dresses made for events by my favorite local designers. Read more

Adam Livermore's hair candy
Check out these inspiring images created by local hairstylist Adam Livermore... Read more

Local hairstylist to appear on "Shear Genius 3": Another high-profile local hairstylist is making the national news. Read more

Vintage 1961 Dayton's ads: Local illustrator Dillon Bakke sent me these Dayton's ad images from a 1961 newspaper... Read more

All I Want for Ruby Fig art: I'm dying over the insanely discounted art local painter Rudy Fig is liquidating on her Flickr page. Read more

Pure Imagination: A holiday staycation in St. Paul: There’s not a more magical, classic setting to the holiday season in Minnesota than our capital city. Read more, including reviews of Pazzaluna, the New Standards Holiday Show, and my stay at the St. Paul Hotel.

Check out my writing for this week:

Last-minute Holiday Shopping Guide

[Curster plush and Philippe Starck gun vase from Soo Too]

So it’s two weeks to Christmas, and you still haven’t started your holiday shopping yet? A few shopping events happening in the Twin Cities should take care of it.

On Thursday, head to the Guys’ Shopping Night at St. Paul’s Grand Hand Gallery for free beer, free gift wrap, and gift suggestions. The art and gift gallery stocks everything from handmade children’s toys, to one-of-a-kind jewelry, to corporate gifts, to unique art. (5-8 p.m. Thu. 619 Grand Av., St. Paul. 651-312-1122.)

Local jewelry maker Liebling Designs is hosting a holiday trunk show at MNfashion’s holiday pop-up boutique on Friday. Designer Jessica Cripps is known for incorporating vintage pieces with floral motifs into modern necklaces, earrings, bracelets and decorative bobby pins. (5-8 p.m. Fri. 651 Nicollet Mall, Mpls.

Soo Too, the Soo Visual Arts Center’s design-oriented gift shop, challenges the Walker Shop for the coolest, unusual gifts in town. In addition to products from national lines, Soo Too stocks a huge selection of goods from local artists, including paintings by Jennifer Davis, jewelry by SisBro, and plush creatures and more from the brand-new Curster Boutique. (10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat. 2640 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. 612-871-2263.)

New Year's Eve events:

[A holiday 2009 look by Amanda Christine / Image by Nic Marshall]

Crystal Ball & reSOULution International Market Square
With attendance hitting 1,200 last year, this annual party -- with a fashion show, 12 DJs in two rooms, 20 bars and live music -- seems to get bigger every year. "Project Runway" contestants Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman and Christopher Straub will co-host the fashion show and bring pieces from their latest collections. The show also will include fashions from local shops OPM, Drama, VState and Parc, as well as local designers Amanda Christine, kjurek couture and PFT Couture. R&B-rock fusion band the New Congress headlines. CLICK HERE for more of my NYE party writeups

Movies: Mystery Science Theater 3000: 'Santa Claus'
D-movie club Trash Film Debauchery presents the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" version of the ultra-low-budget Mexican flick "Santa Claus" (1993). The premise: Santa works from outer space and battles a demon sent to Earth to ruin Christmas by killing Santa and "making all the children of the Earth do evil." READ MORE

Trivia Nights: Joe & Noah's Trivia + Trivia with Toneski
With the colder half of the year upon us and grilling no longer an option, a couple of new trivia nights might just save us from complete hibernation. Sauce Spirits & Soundbar has Joe & Noah's Monday Night Trivia, highlighted by rock 'n' roll-flavored categories like record covers, best guitar solos of all time and Kurt Vonnegut. READ MORE

Performance: 'The Dregs Holiday Special'
Traditional Irish a cappella meets bawdy sketch comedy in "The Dregs Holiday Special." The popular annual show features renditions of such foul-tongued favorites as "I Want a Hysterectomy for Christmas," "Do You Have What I Have," and "Twelve F***ing Birds of Christmas." READ MORE

Art: 'Grown and Sexy'
It's hard to believe the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council, better known as WACTAC, has never done a full exhibition of its talented young artists. This show will include the art not only from the 12 current members, but from many of its alumni since the council's inception 13 years ago. The program has long been a hotbed of the area's up-and-comers -- including photographer Aaron Wojack... READ MORE

Music: Honey Hello
Say the Honey Lounge’s brand new monthly dance night. DJs Sir. Kevin and Trouble (aka Carol Cunnington of Double Trouble) will be spinning indie-rock, electro, and ‘80s new wave in the fabled walls that was once Jitters. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new, future hot spot “East-meets-Northeast" Ginger Hop in the old Times space upstairs. (10 p.m. Sun. Dec. 20. Honey Lounge Free. 21-plus.)

Music: Chariots reunion show
Out of the dust of the fabled punk band Song of Zarathustra in early 2003 came Chariots. Fronted by venerable SOZ frontman Travis Bos and former members of Book of Dead Names and Exercise, the heavy yet stripped-down punk sound of Chariots garnered them a number of Minnesota Music Award nods in 2005. For their part, SOZ also is set to reform for a reunion show in February. Marijuana Death Squads, Seawhores, and DJ Chris Besinger (STNNNG) open. (9 p.m. Tue. Dec. 22. Turf Club $6. 21-plus)

Music: The New Standards
Hot off its annual Holiday Show at the Fitzgerald, local jazz fusion three-piece The New Standards is playing a decidedly more intimate set of shows at the dozy Dakota. For those who missed that fantastic show, you may be in luck - chances are the trio, composed of John Munson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic), Chan Poling (The Suburbs), and Steve Roehm (Electropolis) will pepper its usual set of jazz-infused pop songs with unique takes on holiday classics. (7:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. Wed. Dec. 30. Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant $16-25. All ages.)

Peep my weekly shopping blog at

[A holiday look from A. Michele]

Point and Sip at A. Michele
What can we say? A lot of dudes put it off until the last minute, but fortunately a lot of shops are prepared. This one is hosted by A. Michele owner Amy Michele Mullen's husband, natch - and they'll have plenty of helpers on hand to assist in selecting your gifts while you mull it over with martinis, wine and beer. (6-9 p.m. Thu. 1591 Selby Ave., St. Paul. 651-735-8088.) CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

And check out my Guide to Holiday Shopping for l'etoile magazine, updated weekly:

[A sale look from Grethen House]

Friday-Saturday: Grethen House Netc Half-off Sale
Nab markdowns of 50 percent off throughout the store at posh designer boutique Grethen House's huge season-end sale. All fall and winter merchandise - including chic lines like Yigal Azrouel, Martin Margiela, Peter Cohen, and Robert Clergerie - will be marked down, just in time for all your swanky holiday parties. (10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Fri. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. 4930 France Ave. S., Edina. 952-926-8725.) CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This holiday season, go custom

Still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? One luxury I allow myself is getting custom dresses made for events by my favorite local designers. I've already commissioned George Moskal to make my New Year's Eve outfit this year, inspired by this look I recently featured in a Holiday Fashion editorial.

[My outfit will be sort of like this, but in grey and in silk instead of velvet. Photo:]

METRO Magazine just published a story about how Christopher Straub, who's currently working on men's and women's clothing lines, is accepting custom orders.

[Photo courtesy Christopher Straub via]

He says, "Holiday is the time to be festive and have sparkles and ruffles and volume" and "Not many events can use glitter and rhinestones and sequins, but for holiday, definitely. Those are the pieces I like to do—the ones that have a joyous, festive feel."

Other local fashion designers I love who regularly do custom orders:
Calpurnia Peach
Red Shoe Clothing Co. (Kerry Riley)
Laura Fulk
PFT Couture
Max Lohrbach
Amanda Christine
kjurek couture (Kimberly Jurek)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Local model to appear on next season of "Project Runway"

Lifetime announced the contestants for Project Runway's seventh season yesterday, and unfortunately there are no local designers to be found on the lineup. However, there is one local model who will be competing. Her name is Monique Darton, and here's what I've been able to find out about her: she's originally from Brainerd, where she graduated from high school in 2003 and signed with Minneapolis agency Vision Model Management. She now lives in New York and is signed with Wilhelmina Models.

[Image courtesy Lifetime]

I actually recognize her from Vision's website (which she is no longer on), and remember being struck by her gorgeous hair and beautiful face. Hopefully she gets picked up by a strong designer on PR. Here's some more images of her:

Adam Livermore's hair candy

Check out these inspiring images created by local hairstylist Adam Livermore, shot by Lee Stanford and featuring Ignite Models' Margaret, Lily and Kelly. Livermore currently works as a master stylist and education director at Spalon Montage in Minneapolis, and travels as an educator for Wella Professionals.

(via Ignite Models Inc.)

Local hairstylist to appear on "Shear Genius 3" + METRO fashion spread

Another high-profile local hairstylist is making the national news. Faatemah Ampey, whom I first blogged about back in July when she took home the "Fashion Forward" award at the North American Hairstyling Awards, was recently announced as a contestant on the third season of Shear Genius, airing February 3 on Bravo. Her work has been published locally in Twin Cities Statement and most recently in METRO Magazine's smashing November fashion editorial.

[Image courtesy Bravo]

It's about time a hairstylist from Minnesota is getting some national recognition, being that we're home to Horst Rechelbacher-founded companies Aveda and Juut Salonspa.

Here's some shots from her editorial for METRO:

Photography by Eliesa Johnson; Styled by Grant Whittaker; Hair by Faatemah Ampey; Makeup by Kumi.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vintage 1961 Dayton's ads

Local illustrator Dillon Bakke sent me these Dayton's ad images from a 1961 newspaper he found under the linoleum floor when he was remodeling his grandmother's house. It's a cool little snapshot of mid-century local fashion.