Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RetroRama Preview

You should already have your tickets to annual historical fashion show RetroRama at the Minnesota History Center this Thursday. If not, allow me to me whet your appetite with designer sketches by RetroRama designers Max Lohrbach, Ivan Idland, Calpurnia Peach, Abigail Caperton (Princess Warrior) and Sarah Holm (Re-Evolution), exclusive to the Le Petit blog.

[Image: RetroRama 2009 sketch by Max Lohrbach]

I'm unabashedly a fan of Max Lohrbach, who's designing a two-part look in mint linen trimmed in black crepe with brass nailhead detail featuring a coat-like bustle dress worn over another dress as well as a linen flight cap trimmed in leather (Max is a trained milliner). He says it's inspired by 1920s Lindberg/aviator memorabilia, including vintage luggage.

[Image: RetroRama 2009 sketch by Calpurnia Peach]

Up-start duo Calpurnia Peach designed their look of a buttercup yellow dress and matching jacket screen-printed with scenes of '50s children's icon Davy Crockett "fighting gators and riding horses."

[Image: RetroRama 2009 sketch by Sarah Holm]

Artwear designer Sarah Holm took inspiration for her 1960s-era look from style icon Jackie O and her eponymous pillbox hat. She says she added the sheer fabric of the overlay blouse to give it a modern touch.

[Image: RetroRama 2009 sketch by Ivan Idland]

Ivan Idland says he combined his love for Art Deco and the surrealist art movement with 1930s-era flour sack dresses. In his piece, he patch-works silk with flour sack fabric in his trademark way while lengthening the hem to reference the war-time look of the '30.

[Image: RetroRama 2009 sketch by Abigail Caperton]

Abigail Caperton took on the uniform-inspired look of post-war 1940s with her black sandwashed silk charmeuse with jet bead detail.

Check out Thursday's edition of
Vita.mn or the facebook invite for more details on the show.

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  1. I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing what my two beaus Max and Ivan have to showcase! I know I will be amazed, astonished and wondering when I can purchase, as usual.