Friday, May 15, 2009, l'etoile + STAYcation for Art-A-Whirl, 5.21.09-5.27.09

[Image by Stephens Stephens for l'etoile magazine]

Art-A-Whirl is officially upon us. Last night I hit up the opening party for Art-A-Whirl at the Northrup King Building, and hung with DJs Jonathan Ackerman of the Moon Goons and Ned Lampert (aka Millions Billions), who tipped me off on a hyper-exclusive boat party sponsored by Red Bull this June. 

The above image is l'etoile's promotional ad for Art-A-Whirl - I'm pictured with Alina Lindquist, Robyne Robinson and Scott Seekins, at the studio of Minneapolis artists Eric Inkala, Isaac Arvold and Drew Peterson. (I'm wearing my fave limited-edition gold screen-printed Solid Gold t-shirt.)

I've written a lot of Art-A-Whirl-related content this week. Here's a run-down of my writing this weekend for, l'etoile, and my latest venture, St. Paul STAYcation, which just went live yesterday. My first blog focuses on tomorrow's St. Kate's Katwalk senior fashion show:

[Image: Wood corset by Renalie Bailey, provided by the designer]

This Saturday at St. Kate’s annual senior fashion show Katwalk, we’ll be introduced to a few more up-and-comers, and based on past history, it’s probably not the last we’ll see of them. Seniors Renalie Bailey, Britta Feurerhelm, Ashley Busch and Amanda Chaffin and junior Emilee Kuznar are said to be the ones to watch, according to some of St. Kate’s alumni. Read more at
Also check out my spotlight on the St. Kate's show in this week's issue of

I'm all over this week's Art-A-Whirl issue of

Cover story: In
'Heart of Whirl', I highlight the Ritz Theater and Erte & The Peacock Lounge.

Art-A-Whirl fashion events: Anthem Heart's screen-printing open house and Cat House Fashion show
Graphic design and T-shirt printing company Anthem Heart has built a reputation for its limited-edition screened T-shirts, and most recently took its process public by screen-printing live. For their open studio during Art-A-Whirl, the trio behind the brand adds an interactive twist: You can pick your own screen stencil and T-shirt style and color ($8-$15). Read more at

Art-A-Whirl Fashion: Johnstock! and Jewelry Open House

[Image: Ring by Lilluxe, a Johnstock! vendor, provided by Lilluxe]

If you're more interested in wearable art than hangable art, check out this open studio in the Northrop King Building with five of Northeast's top fine jewelry makers. Designers include Emily Johnson of EC Design, known for her delicate metalwork in the shape of wishbones and anatomic hearts. Read more at

On Stage: SCUBA Touring Network

Crawl: 'More bands in local t-shirts'

[Image: Screen-print detail of a Red Shoe tee, provided by Red Shoe Clothing Co.]

The t-shirts being by Kerry Riley of Red Shoe Clothing Co. and said band The Kills. The chain t-shirt is one of my faves - I own two different versions of the shirt myself. Local screen-printers Anthem Heart co-created the design and printed the shirts on American Apparel tees; they're available at Cliche for $30.

I also wrote
the Art-A-Whirl Fashion guide for l'etoile magazine's blog.

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