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In Review: RetroRama

I was lead stylist for the annual RetroRama fashion show at the Minnesota History Center on May 21, and it turned out marvelously. (I styled the vintage looks, while the designers styled their own looks.) The show was held under a tent on the grass as the sun was setting; it really couldn't have been any more magical. Here are some images from the show:

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Nikki/Ignite)

The show started off with a 1920s-era dress from Via's Vintage and a hat by Lula's Vintage Wear. I was inspired by the idea of sophisticated travel that became the norm in the '20s.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for Modeled by Sarah/Ignite]

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Sarah/Ignite)

It was followed by Max Lohrbach's brilliant take on the 1920s luggage and aviator style with a two-piece look and hat. A great detail was the leather luggage strap sewn to the back of the jacket. The hand-beaded hat with leather trim was also quite amazing.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for Modeled by Raina/Ignite]

A 1930s-era dress and hat from Lula's worn with gloves from Via's. I was inspired by Bonnie & Clyde for this look.
[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Kelly/Ignite]

This amazing dress, handbag and headpiece were created by Ivan Idland. He was inspired by flour sack dresses, surrealism, and the upper-class look of the 1930s, and basically combined the styles of the poor and rich in this piece. The deep scoop back of the dress, not pictured, was probably the best part about it. The dress, coupled with the surrealist handbag and headpiece, made for the most impressive look of the night.

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Kelly/Ignite]

Detail of Ivan Idland's headpiece.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for Modeled by Greta/Ignite]

This 1940s-era gaberdine dress and hat are from Lula. I was inspired by the military "Bugle Boy" styling of the '40s. 

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Joy]

This gorgeous washed silk dress and hat were created by Abigail Caperton of Princess Warrior. She was inspired by women's uniforms of the 1940s.

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Maggie/Ignite]

This 1950s-era dress with matching jacket were a nod to the family-oriented, suburbia home look worn by many a housewife throughout the decade. 

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages. Modeled by Lily/Ignite]

The all-over print dress and matching jacket, inspired by 1950s Davy Crockett illustrations and legends, were created by Calpurnia Peach. The amazing coonskin cap came from the Guthrie Theater's Costume Rentals shop.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for Modeled by Elmira/Ignite]

I chose this 1960s-era dress and pillbox hat (all from Via's) because it seemed so Jackie O. By a happy mistake, the model Elmira bore a striking resemblence to Jackie O.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for Modeled by Kara K/Ignite]

The 1960s-inspired look by Sarah Holm of Re-Evolution was an ingenius take on Jackie O, post JFK's assassination. She says it was inspired by the mix of red roses and blood on the car seat after JFK was shot. (There is a splatter-dyed bodice under the sheer overlay.)

All styling by Eclecticoiffeur:
Fashion styling (for vintage looks): Jahna Peloquin
Hair: Kelsy Osterman and Catlin Weston
Make-up: Romeny Chan

Now for some non-runway looks. 

[Image: Sean Smuda for MNHS]

This is me with the designer in Max Lohrbach's dress he made for the Ikea challenge at Voltage 2009. Not technically vintage, but Max's clothing always has a multitude of historical references with a punch of modernity. I felt so amazing in this dress (you can't see, but it had matching bloomers underneath!) My cuff is black painted wood with a studded bow by local accessories line Ferociter.

[Image: Emily Utne for City Pages]

Jennifer Mumm and Vanessa Messersmith are co-owners of Blacklist Vintage, and I can't get over Vanessa's 100-year-old dress. The straight-cut dress had so many beads on it apparently was quite heavy. Check out Blacklist if you haven't - these girls have amazing taste and great stuff.

[Image: Patrick Dunn for]

Emma Berg of always looks amazing, and RetroRama was no exception. Here she is in a Prada dress - again, not vintage, but definitely historically-influenced. Her beaded clutch is from Blacklist Vintage. 

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