Thursday, December 17, 2009

This holiday season, go custom

Still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve dress? One luxury I allow myself is getting custom dresses made for events by my favorite local designers. I've already commissioned George Moskal to make my New Year's Eve outfit this year, inspired by this look I recently featured in a Holiday Fashion editorial.

[My outfit will be sort of like this, but in grey and in silk instead of velvet. Photo:]

METRO Magazine just published a story about how Christopher Straub, who's currently working on men's and women's clothing lines, is accepting custom orders.

[Photo courtesy Christopher Straub via]

He says, "Holiday is the time to be festive and have sparkles and ruffles and volume" and "Not many events can use glitter and rhinestones and sequins, but for holiday, definitely. Those are the pieces I like to do—the ones that have a joyous, festive feel."

Other local fashion designers I love who regularly do custom orders:
Calpurnia Peach
Red Shoe Clothing Co. (Kerry Riley)
Laura Fulk
PFT Couture
Max Lohrbach
Amanda Christine
kjurek couture (Kimberly Jurek)

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  1. I plan to where a blazer that is cut long and festive (primarily gold w/red accents. I haven't figured the rest out yet. You will have to post a picture of you in the dress.