Thursday, April 30, 2009 for 4.30.09-5.6.09

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Events: May Day Mayhem fashion show, Craftstravaganza & Living Green Expo
Celebrate May Day in style with this second annual fashion show produced by scenemaker Richard Moody, showcasing fashions from Italian-styled boutique Il Vostro.
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Art: 'Press Gang' at Stevens Square Center for the Arts
Printmaking, one of the earliest forms of mass communication, has always flourished during times of social change. Even though we've mastered the art of doing digital, a trend toward the hand-printed, the tactile and the letterpress has been quietly enjoying a resurgence.
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Bollywood Fashion Show
After the unprecedented success of the indie, Oscar-winning film “Slumdog Millionaire,” the kaleidoscope of India’s fashion, dance, and theatrical industry known as Bollywood has too gotten its spotlight on the international stage. For the first time, Minnesota will get its own taste of Bollywood in this show put on by Geetanjoli Sari Fashion, which has a shop at Midtown Global Market. Experience Bollywood music, authentic Indian and belly dancers, and of course, Bollywood-inspired fashions. (2-3:30 p.m. Sat. Free. Midtown Global Market, 920 E. Lake St., Mpls. 612-874-3997.)

Nightlife: Fashion Feud 3 (not available online)

[Image of Laura Fulk at Fashion Feud 1 by Lauren Gantner]

Fashion: Weekend shopping events
View Robyne Robinson's latest exclusive collection at the ROX Trunk Show on Saturday. The handmade jewelry line features bold, semiprecious stones from faraway locales such as Greece. (Noon-5 p.m. Sat., OPM Boutique, 3700 Grand Way, St. Louis Park. 952-567-7399.)
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Music: 'Making Music: Dan Wilson'
Also a veteran of Trip Shakespeare (and of course, Semisonic), Dan Wilson is the special guest of this edition of the monthly Q&A series Making Music.
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l'etoile back issues now available online

[Image by Amy Pierce]

Have you heard? The fabled local fashion and arts magazine l'etoile magazine hasn't printed a new issue since spring 2007, but they're tiding us over by making their two most recent issues available in entirity online.

[All images by Amy Pierce, courtesy l'etoile magazine]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Travis Stearns designs limited-edition t-shirt

[Design by Travis Stearns for]

Local graphic designer (and recent winner of a METRO Magazine "Keeper Award") Travis Stearns was enlisted to design a promotional t-shirt for I managed to snag one at a recent event, and even though the fabric leaves much to be desired (I didn't look but I'm guessing it's Hanes) and it was a men's size medium, it looked perfectly cute when I wore it tucked into a high-waisted skirt.

You can win one of the limited-edition shirts in this month's Karma contest at

Monday, April 27, 2009

MNfashion Week review run-down

I'm still trying to catch up on my own reviews of MNfashion Week shows, but these reviews and photos from the week's events should tide you over for now.

'Suffocate': Laura Fulk solo show, 4.21.09 at The Lab Theater

L'etoile editor-in-chief and fellow style blogger Beth Hammarlund offered her take on the show in this video for Metromix, originally posted on her blog A Tiny Machine.


More reviews of "Suffocate":

Alison Kaplan of the Pioneer Press's take on the show for her
Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine offers her take on the show on her blog,
The Fitting Room.

Photos by
Lorika's flickr site and Staciann Photography from "Suffocate."


Reviews from kjurek couture's "Exclusively Spring" show at the W on April 17:
Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine for The Fitting Room.

Photos by
Chris McDuffie.


Shots from Metromix for Red Shoe Clothing Co.'s traveling fashion show.


An article by John Sand of the Minnesota Daily that features me as a source:
"Shock n Roll at Voltage".

In a write-up on
Ferociter's appearance in Voltage on Twin City Scene, blogger EJ ponders, "Is it me or is Jahna Peloquin the queen of styling?. I wonder if she'll get her own reality TV show, we certainly have a list of potential (dramatic) interns for her." Um, I'll take it!

Voltage reviews: 

A behind-the-scenes take of MNfashion Week from Kara Nesvig of the Minnesota Daily:
"The Fashionista Is In: Behind the Scenes at MNfashion Week".
Kara Nesvig's MNfashion Week podcast:
Fashionista Podcast 4/28/09.

Angie Hanson's review for City Pages.
User review on
Review from Carl Atiya Swanson at
Cake in 15.
Review from Swanson for

More photos:

Sara Montour
City Pages
Staciann Photography
Promotion House

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ra'mon-Lawrence to co-design celeb line for Kohl's

[Lauren Conrad with a piece from her Kohl's collection. Image courtesy of Kohl's]

Minneapolis ex-pat fashion designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman finally revealed the celeb he's been collaborating with on an exclusive line for Kohl's: Lauren Conrad of The Hills fame. The reality TV star-turned-fashion designer surely will benefit from Ra'mon's sophisticated touch. 

It's the first time Ra'mon's officially in the national spotlight, though it's doubtful Conrad's people want it known that she's getting some help on the line. 

Ra'mon had this to say about the line: 

"I have many hats on right now. One of which... collaborating with Lauren Conrad of 'The Hills' on a new line for Kohl's. She's such a doll!" He also says: "The collection is so amazing! I think people are going to freak a little. Can't wait for everyone to check it out. Definitely worked hard on it."

The line, which will range from $20-60 "California-inspired" casual t-shirts, dresses and jeans, will launch this October exclusively at Kohl's nationwide. It should provide a welcome reprieve from the cute-but-basic separates from her Lauren Conrad Collection, a bit pricier in the $150 range.

UPDATE: Midwest style blog The Midwasteland used this story as a source for their blog on Lauren Conrad's line for Kohl's. Neat.

Kanye's entourage parodied on South Park

This is just too good not to post. 

South Park did a parody of a now-infamous shot taken by fave street fashion blog of the moment, JAKANDJILL, of Kanye and his high-styling gang during a Fashion Week outing.

[Image courtesy JAKANDJILL.COM]

[Image courtesy Comedy Central]

Genius upon genius, I say.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

METRO's 'Self Styled': Coco & Breezy

I love that Mary O'Regan spotlighted identical twin local superstar model-designers Coco & Breezy for the "Self Styled" feature in the latest issue of METRO Magazine.

[Coco & Breezy / Image by Eliesa Johnson for METRO Magazine]

Is this how you typically dress?
Breezy: Yeah. Even if I go to the grocery store, I don’t try to be dressed up, but we’re the image that people know—Coco and Breezy always being together and having unique style.
Coco: I can’t get caught slipping without my style.

Read more at, Voltage edition for 4.23.09-4.29.09

[Behind the scenes at the Voltage Lookbook shoot / Image: Carlos Gonzalez for / Dress by Emily Weich, umbrella by Rebecca Sullivan / Styling by Eclecticoiffeur]

Check my story on Voltage coming full circle in this week's issue of

Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles on the cover of, dressed in Max Lohrbach with Ferociter accessories.

[Voltage band Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles dressed in Max Lohrbach with Ferociter accessories / Image by Carlos Gonzalez for / Styling by Eclecticoiffeur w/ hair by Catlin Weston]

[Voltage designer Max Lohrbach and The Velvet Lapelles dressed in Max Lohrbach / Image by Carlos Gonzalez for / Styling by Eclecticoiffeur w/ hair by Catlin Weston]

My story on the history of local rockers inspiring fashion trends in the '80s: "Voltage '09: You Got that Look".

[The Suburbs circa 1982 / Image by Daniel Corrigan]

More of my writing in this week's
ART: 'We Don't Do Clever' at First Amendment
EVENTS: Bachelor Auction at the Saloon + Pink Elephants at La Belle Vie
ON STAGE: Salon Series: Minnesota Dance Theatre
Music: Krave Boot Camp (print only)

Monday, April 20, 2009

MNfashion Week run-down

[Image: Tom Wallace for Styling by Eclecticoiffeur. Dress on left, by Laura Fulk, will be featured in 'Suffocate']

MNfashion Week is officially upon us, so suffice to say my blog is going to be relatively neglected this week.

My itinerary:
Twin City Scene Mixer at Urban Bean. Fellow l'etoile and SOTC scribe (and Urban Bean barista) Juleana Enright is DJing at my fave coffee shop. Later: Watching the new "Grey Gardens" on HBO.
Tuesday: Laura Fulk's solo show, the "Suffocate" at The Lab Theater. I'll be working backstage.
Tickets here.
Wednesday afternoon: Working the Red Shoe Clothing Co. roaming fashion show
"The Walk," downtown Minneapolis. Evening: L'etoile's Sky Park Mixer.
Thursday: Okay, not a Fashion Week event but:
Urban Bean's patio opening. Pulled pork sammys, mmm!
Voltage, duh. Get tickets here.
Saturday: Afternoon cocktails at ROX's studio, First Amendment Gallery opening, Cliche opening, and Solid Gold at Nick & Eddie.
Sunday: Cliche VIP reception, Design Collective mimosa reception.


You can also check out the various publications and blogs I've contributed to for all the what's what on the fashion scene this week:

Just out today:
l'etoile's 'MNfashion Week Spectacular'.

Last week's edition of, which features Fashion Week events through Wednesday:
Jahna's guide to MNfashion Week, part one.

Secrets of the City also has a great Fashion Week guide, which doubles as a local fashion resource in general:
'Secrets of the Stylish'.

See the complete schedule of events

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Local fashion round-up for 4.16.09-4.22.09

Check out my writing in this week's issue of

[Image by Isaias Zamarrippa / Dress by kjurek couture / Modeled by Sarah Martens]

Fashion: MNfashion Week spotlights: Laura Fulk's 'Suffocate' + Red Shoe Clothing Co.'s 'The Walk' + kjurek couture's 'Exclusively Spring + Coco & Breezy in Rumours Fashion Show

More weekend shopping events:
NE Fashion Icebreaker
This boutique fashion crawl in Northeast Minneapolis includes 20% off storewide sales, free flowers for every business visited, and a drawing for a round trip flight. Participating stores include GH2, Belle Reve, Melrose Antiques, I Like You, Parc Boutique, and more. (10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat. Visit for more info.)

Blu Dot Annual Warehouse Sale
Save up to 70% off on hundreds of Blu Dot items at the Blu Dot Warehouse sale event. (9 a.m.-noon. Sat. Blu Dot Warehouse, 3236 California St. NE., Mpls. 612-782-1844.)

Also be sure to check out this weekend's edition of 
l'etoile's Weekend What's What blog, of which I'm a contributing blogger.

Secrets of the City also just posted a comprehensive guide to MNfashion Week - and Twin Cities shopping in general - 'Secrets of the Stylish'

More local fashion links:

[Image of Laura Fulk at Fashion Feud by Lauren Gantner]

-TC Daily Planet profiles local designer Laura Fulk in 'The Incredible Fulk' on the cusp of her first solo show.
-Star Tribune's rundown of MNfashion Week. (Look for my weekend version coming up in next Thursday's issue of
-Blogger Katherine McMillan calls me her "fashion go-to" in her spot-on lifestyle blog Tailor Taste: 
'Fashion Passion: Project Runway Is in...Not Out'
-Kara Nesvig's weekly column 'The Fashionista Is In' profiles local fashionista Jane Magnitude. While you're at is, check out my Q&A with Miss Magnitude that ran in last month.

[Image of Jane Magnitude by Fred Holston]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HBO's 'Grey Gardens' premiering this Saturday

[Image still from the 1975 documentary 'Grey Gardens']

I'm so very excited to see the new film version of Grey Gardens this weekend when it premieres on HBO. The film stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as the mother-daughter, accidental style icons both named Edith Bouvier Beale (the aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy). The 1975 documentary has long been a huge influence to fashion designers and stylists, and the film fills in the backstory on the duo before their legendary fall from riches to glamorous ruins.

The film takes specific style cues from the 1975 documentary, down to incorporating actual items owned and worn by the Bouvier Beales in the original footage. The producers also took great pains to get as much true-to-life detail in the film as possible, interviewing the duo’s family members and reviewing Little Edie’s many diaries.

Here are some of my favorite costumes on a young Little Edie I've seen from the film so far:

[All above images courtesy]

In review: Envision fashion show

Saturday at the Graves 601 hotel I sat runway-side for the Envision spring 2009 fashion show, in part for my role as a guest judge for the hair show. 

[Image by Tony Nelson for City Pages / Hair by Jennifer Fearing / Dress by Jenny Carle]

Let's get the niceties out there first: The venue was a nice step up from previous Envision shows held in nightclubs, and the event's organizer Allison Hamzehpour couldn't have been more professional and gracious. It seems like fashion shows in the Twin Cities are always upping the ante and it's great to see so many happening with a higher level of professionalism than in recent years. 

Being that it was a hair show, we expect there to be some level of over-the-top in the hair designs, but overall many of the designs seemed to be crazy for the sake of crazy. However, there were a few outstanding looks. My top choice for hair design by Jennifer Fearing is pictured above. My second choice and the night's winning hair design by Angela Kreitlow-Olson:

Now, onto the fashion. 

As far as the clothing itself went, BothDol Fashion by Nyamal Both was the nicest surprise of the night. Her African-inspired line incorporated unusual yet flattering silhouettes and textured fabrics for a look that was sophisticated yet edgy. Other high points included pieces from JoyNoelle, PFT Couture, and Renate Adjei (though each designer showed pieces that were less impressive). I also was pleasantly surprised with some of the new silhouettes Jenny Carle put out (the fuchsia patio dress at the top of the page, especially); they made me excited for summer.

[Image by Tony Nelson for City Pages / Dress by PFT Couture]

[Dress by PFT Couture] 

[Dress by JoyNoelle]

As much as I appreciate someone in Minneapolis doing menswear, I don't think I will ever understand Russell Bourrienne's aesthetic. I know he's trying to do something interesting but I think it usually ends up missing the mark (though I do like his fall designs much better). 

[Image by Tony Nelson for City Pages / Outfit by Russell Bourrienne]

Korrin Lohmann's line Peloria has been around since the first days of Voltage, but despite her attempt to tailor and use more sophisticated fabrics in this collection, it still seems off to me. She does have an architectural background, which informs her designs, but in the end it doesn't flatter a woman's body and they just don't seem very wearable. 

[Looks by Peloria by Korrin Lohmann]

These looks by Re-Evolution by Sarah Holm were a bit too costume-y for my taste, though the jumper shorts and the dress used to promote the show were cute. Perhaps they would've been better-suited for a more niche market type of fashion show.

[Image by Tony Nelson for City Pages / Dress by Re-Evolution by Sarah Holm]

[Dress by Kcru$h Velvet]

[Image by Tony Nelson for City Pages / Dress by Amanda Christine]

As usual, kjurek couture and Amanda Christine's lines were, as always, cute and wearable, but on the more commercial end. (I'm more of a fan of their out-there runway collections.) In fact, I wore some pieces by Amanda Christine, similar versions of which she'll be showing at Voltage; for this Friday's kjurek couture show I have a very edgy, very minimalist black butterfly-sleeve dress by the designer. (More on that show soon!) Here's me in my custom-made Amanda Christine jacket and skirt:]

[Photo by Stephen Stephens for Digital Crush Photo]

Overall, I think it was a successful event - they packed the house, the setting was well put-together, and there were a lot of talented people involved. But if they would've focused on fewer elements - fewer designers, a shorter runway show, nix the hair show - I think it would've been a stronger, cleaner show on the whole. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arielle de Pinto chain mail jewelry


Montreal-based jewelry designer Arielle De Pinto has got me going with her collection of intricately crocheted metal accessories. More akin to wearable art than jewelry, the collection combined the crafty softness of crochet with tough chain mail. The burnished gold and hammered silver necklaces and handpieces are some of the most unusual, statement-making pieces I've come across. The handpieces in particular are kind of like an organic version of Beyonce's metal glove.

They're not available at any shops in Minneapolis, unfortunately, but it appears that the pieces can be ordered via her website

[All images Arielle de Pinto spring 2009 Lookbook photos]

Monday, April 13, 2009

How to walk in high heels, runway model-style

See more videos on

Finally, someone is offering a piece of unheard of but much-needed style advice.

You've seen the girls tottering down the street is shoes they obviously shouldn't be wearing. But we all could stand to hear from an expert how exactly to walk in heels if we want to look like we know what we're doing - especially when said expert is runway model Anastasia Khozissova. Model website Modelinia has a great tutorial on how to correctly walk in high heels.

Her tips: 1. Don’t push your hips out from side to side when you walk; keep them tucked in underneath you. 2. Our natural instinct is to walk with our head pushed forward like a chicken. Keep your head back and chin up. 3. Your toe should hit the ground at the same time as your heel. Practice walking on your toes. 4. Relax your shoulders when you walk so your arms swing naturally.

Watch the video on
Modelinia's web site.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 for 4.9.09-4.15.09

Check out my writing in this week's issue of

[Image: Spring 2009 sketch by George Moskal]

[Image: Spring 2009 sketch by George Moskal]

Events: The Current Fakebook with Bob Gruen 4/15 at the Guthrie Theater
Music: The Drones 4/9 at the 400 Bar
Music: Robert Hood 4/10 at the Loft
Music: The World/Inferno Friendship Society 4/11 at Triple Rock
Music: Alexi Murdoch 4/13 at Varsity Theater
Music: Starfucker 4/14 at 7th Street Entry

And check out this weekend's edition of l'etoile's
Weekend What's What, of which I'm a contributing blogger.

[Image: Kate Iverson for l'etoile magazine]

Oh, and I'll be guest DJing along with Eclecticoiffeur at next week's Voltage CD Listening Party at Transmission. See you there!
[Image: Design by Marc Iwanin]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project Runway returns August 20

[Photo: Getty Images]

Unless you're living under a rock, or don't check facebook every fifteen minutes like I do, you know Project Runway's long-awaited Season 6 will be premiering August 20. Lifetime announced Wednesday that the legal dispute between Lifetime, NBC Universal (owners of Bravo), and the Weinstein Company, has ended and the sixth season will make its move to Lifetime - with a deal to produce five years worth of episodes.

The new season was filmed in Los Angeles, and Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michaels Kors and Nina Garcia will all return to the show. In other news, Lifetime has announced they will air a spin-off show, Models of the Runway, according to E! Online. It's nice to see the model drama will deservedly get its own spotlight; the model challenges every season seem to tacked-on. Since the viewer's not being let into the model drama, it's always been hard to care about them.

[Image: Courtesy Bravo]

Meanwhile, Bravo is developing its Project Runway ripoff, The Fashion Show, in which teams of designers work to create an entire line instead of individual pieces. Though truth be told, Bravo created Project Runway, so I can hardly blame them for ripping off themselves. Hosts include Isaac Mizrazi (yay!), Kelly Rowland (whaaa?), and Sr. Vice President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis. Check out the contestants via Project Rungay. It includes L.A. designer Andrew Christian, whose underwear line is regularly featured in gay-centric fashion shows in Minneapolis. (LOLing at Merlin!) This looks to be bitchy gay fashion fun.

[Image: Courtesy Bravo]

Regardless, it's Project Runway that's got our panties in a bunch. We're already planning our Project Runway viewing parties. Contestants should be announced "soon," and you just might see a familiar face in the mix!

Ryan Seacrest's radio show] for 4.2.09-4.8.09

A piece from ROX's 'Skulls & Pearls' Collection / Image by Rachel Thompson

Photo by Kate Iverson/Styling by Eclecticoiffeur

While you're at is, check out this weekend's edition of l'etoile's What's What.
BONUS: If you're in the mood for a laugh, check out their hilarious 
April Fool's Day blog, where l'etoile pokes fun at some of our favorite Minneapolis scene staples.

Click below or visit the Weekly What's What blog at

Weekend shopping:

Necklaces from the 'Lotus' Collection by Karin Jacobson

Sample Sale 4/5 at Northrup King Building
Get your local fashion fix with handmade accessories by Adrienne Grahn and Karin Jacobson. Adrienne will be selling her handbags at bargain prices of $5-80 (marked down 50% from original prices), including summer cluthes, leather totes, and cotton print make-up bags. Karin is hawking her discontinued items, including cocktail rings, samples, and slightly irregular necklaces and earrings. While you're there, check out artist Sean Tubridy down the hall, where he'll be selling his screenprinted t-shirts at 30-50% off. Be sure to get there early for the best sales; during past sales, a line has been known to form before doors open. (12-4 p.m. Sun. 1500 Jackson St. NE. #288, Mpls.)

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole 4/4 at LUSH Ridgedale
When LUSH opened its first stand-alone store at MOA earlier this year, fangirls flocked to the 100% vegetarian, mostly-organic cosmetic line. Check out the shop-within-shop version of the shop at Ridgedale's Macy's, where they'll be hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. There will be giveaways, games, and of course - cake. Don't forget to put on your "maddest" outfit. (12-4 p.m. Sat. 12411 Wayzata Blvd., Minnetonka. 952-544-5874.)