Friday, January 27, 2012

Minneapolis talent contribute to Aveda's Charcoal Suite Collection

Minneapolis-based beauty brand Aveda has released its latest editorial collection, the Charcoal Suite for Red Chocolate hair color training organization in Minneapolis, and a slew of local talent contributed to the shoot - including Red Chocolate co-founders and directors David Adams and Peter Gray, and the amazingly transformative Vision model Rachel Weiher.

From the press release:

“At a recent hair show, I created a segment that was based on imagining a world without color,” says David Adams, co-founder and president of Red Chocolate hair color education, “so I began with coloring a group of models in blacks and grays, and then in the second part of the presentation I did multicolored hair. But when I stepped back and really looked, I realized that the blacks and grays were just as beautiful as the colors. And that’s where the idea for Charcoal Suite came from.” Add in the brilliant collaboration of talent, including photographer Robert Lobetta, and the Charcoal Suite collection was born, showcasing the stunning results of an inspired fusion between London and New York, beauty and fashion, technique and art.

Photographer: Robert Lobetta
Hair: David Adams and Peter Gray
Makeup: Rudy Miles
Makeup Assistant: Julie Swenson
Model: Rachel Weiher/Vision Management Group

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