Friday, January 27, 2012

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

The latest in local inspiration from Twin Cities photographers and their muses runs the gamut - a mix of fresh and crisp, to hazy and sultry, to dark and moody.

Vision model Ashlee Walker gives good face in a shoot by Peter Holme styled by Jane Belfry with earrings by Stephanie Lake Design, with makeup by Andrea Holton and hair by Charlie Brackney of HAUS Salon.

Local photographer and makeup artist Alice Berman snaps a pretty portrait of fashion stylist Anna Woodling.

Former Minneapolis model Raina Hein (of America's Next Top Model fame) smolders in the desert. (Photo: Ari Abramczyk. Styling: Jacqueline Lavaun.)

Minnesota native model (and Nina Dobrev doppelganger) Whitney Fransway gets glitter everywhere in a shoot by L.A. photographer Nicole Hill.

Graham Tolbert posts some behind-the-scenes images of singer Channy Leaneagh from the recent Poli├ža video for "Lay Your Cards Out."

Chicagoan photographer Lauren Wuornos comes home to Champlin to snap some outdoor shots of her pal Kate Offerdahl.

Musician Liam Watkins goes into the haze, courtesy of Instagram.

Former METRO fashion editor Mary O'Regan dons her grandmother's mink coat for her last Minneapolis outfit post before moving to Seattle.

Local e-retailer Ship&Shape launch their Valentine's-themed collection "Be Mine" with an adorable lookbook.

Photographer Winona Grey gets gorgeous in this self portrait.

Former Minneapolis photographer Brad Ogbonna talks his favorite New York spots for File Magazine.

Rachel Palmer gets ready for winter.

Wonderblood blogger Julia snaps her pal Lyz.

Ignite model Kara rocks the classic combination of faded denim and lipstick. Photographer: Madison Dube. Styling: Davee Ek and Melinda Guajardo. Hair and Makeup: Masha Chebotayeva)

Minneapolis model Kouwai Potocnik rocks a leather jacket, Jack Daniels tee and cutoffs on the street. spotlights menswear-inspired looks on Ignite model Kara.

Photographer Peter Holme gets Hitchcockian.