Saturday, January 14, 2012

Art Shanty Projects kicks off with on-ice fashion show

It was one thing to have Christmas without snow, but no snow for the Art Shanties? That would just be wrong. Fortunately, the long-awaited snowfall began just in time for the commencement of Saturday's kick off of the Art Shanty Projects. The main attraction was certainly the debut of the Sashay Shantay shack, a fashion-geared shanty that not only allowed guests to try on handmade clothing by local designers such as Danielle Everine, Rachel Blomgren and Carly Schoen, but also culminated with an on-ice fashion show featuring the designers and their friends donning the wacky, wild and wooly wares - some appropriately wearing ice skates. The Sashay Shanty organizers reported on the blog afterward, "The most frequent comment of the day 'Oh! It’s nice and warm in here.' Second most: 'Oh! It’s so cuuuuuute!'" The Shanties run daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through February 5, with a runway show happening daily.

Look by Lindsay Rhyner
Look by Emrys Stramer

Danielle Everine, pictured third to right in her own design
Look by Emrys Stramer
Look by Lindsay Rhyner
Look by Carly Schoen
Look by Rachel Blomgren

Head over to City Pages' Dressing Room blog for a Q&A with designer Rachel Blomgren.

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