Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Show announcement: "I Feel Love"

Details were just released for the upcoming "I Feel Love" fashion show coming up on June 12. It features local designers Maritza Ramirez, who will be showing her first new pieces since last summer, and Mackenzie Labine in her first showing since... well, I can't remember when, which means it's a can't miss event. Check out more details below or at the facebook invite.

[Promo image featuring looks by Mackenzie Labine and Maritza Ramirez; Photo by Emily Utne]

Cliché Boutique and l'étoile magazine present I FEEL LOVE, a multimedia fashion show produced by Angie Hanson, Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart & Maritza Ramirez of Sceneasota. Creating an immersive environment through sound and visuals, I FEEL LOVE will transport attendees into a wondrous world of cutting edge art and fashion. Featuring new collections from two of the Twin Cities' most innovative fashion designers, Maritza Ramirez and Mackenzie Labine of Oishiimomo; accessories by Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn and Jared Zachary of Freedom From Doubt; live video art by The Lovemelts, Time Squid and Jesse Draxler in collaboration with Anthem Heart; and live italo disco vocal stylings from Camille Bourgerie and Alina Lindquist - plus an interlude performance by electro duo The Night.

I FEEL LOVE is the first collaboration in production by Angie Hanson, Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart, and Maritza Ramirez of SCENEASOTA. Sponsored by Cliché, l'étoile magazine, Vision Model Management, Miyagi Salon, and Citypages, this production features models from Vision Model Management and styling by Jane Belfry. Runway italo disco music provided by The Nightstalker. Promotional photography by Emily Utne in collaboration with artist Jesse Draxler and Anthem Heart. Additional pieces by Jesse Draxler will also be on display at the event.

Sunset Reception from 9:00-10:00
Runway show at 10:30

Tickets: $5 standing room, $10 seated, $20 VIP
Available at the door and at Cliche Boutique beginning 5/22

Garments from each designer's collection will be available for sale at Cliché starting Sunday, June 13th. For store hours and more info. on Cliché, call (612) 870-0420 or visit

Photo credits:
Pink Dress by Mackenzie Labine, Blouse and skirt by Maritza Ramirez.
Art Direction: Angie Hanson
Photography: Emily Utne
Background Art/images: Jesse Draxler and Anthem Heart
Model: Mary, Vision
Styling: Jane Belfry
Hair: Mo Murphy (Miyagi)
Makeup: Bethany Brihn (Miyagi)

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