Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just announced: "The Death of Red Shoe"

A longtime fixture of the local fashion scene is rebranding herself. After some copyright complications, Kerry Riley is ditching the Red Shoe Clothing Co. brand that she's been building for the past six-plus years, but she's not letting it go out without a bang. She just announced her first solo fashion show, happening during Art-A-Whirl weekend on Friday, May 14 at Thorp Building. It will be a sort of retrospective of the designer's work throughout the years and include some new pieces - expect plenty of the designer's signature stripes in a palette heavy on black, white and red. I'll be lending a hand to the designer in the styling of the show, and l'etoile magazine sponsors. See below for full press release.

[Photo courtesy Red Shoe Clothing Co.]

Red Shoe Clothing, Co. Presents:
The Death of Red Shoe

Friday, May 14th, 2010
8 p.m. / Free
(to be held during the Opening Night party, 5pm-10pm…….see more info below)

@ Thorp Building,
1618 Central Ave NE
Northeast Minneapolis

Local fashion designer, Kerry Riley, will present a fashion show/retrospective entitled “The Death of Red Shoe” at the opening night Art-a-Whirl party at the Thorp building. The show will take place at 8pm on Friday, May 14th.

An Art-A-Whirl newcomer, Riley recently moved her studio from her apartment to the Thorp building, the birthplace of Art-a-Whirl, late last year.

The fashion show will feature a combination of past, present and mostly future Red Shoe looks. A dress and leather holster from the first Voltage Fashion show will be one of the examples of past looks. The first part of the show will be dark, but colorful, and evolve into a much lighter, optimistic, blank canvas ideal.


A few months ago, Riley began the process of trade marking her long-time business name and logo. Shortly thereafter, she received the bad news: someone else had “Red Shoe” trademarked since the year she was born.

“I wouldn’t have even had a chance!” laughs Riley. “It was my only solace moving forward at that point.”

“It’s been very challenging to come up with a new name. I’ve been passing around a list of possible names to people to get their opinions, but I’m still undecided. I may unveil the new name at the show. If not, I, like Prince, will have to be just a symbol for awhile,” Riley laughs; referring to the button & needles logo she’s currently in the process of trade marking.

“Although it is a ‘death,’ this show will be uplifting and show my optimism for the future,” Riley says.


Red Shoe Clothing, Co. is the playground for Minneapolis design maven, Kerry Riley. While studying in London at the American Intercontinental University, Riley worked under legendary British designer Zandra Rhodes. After completing her BA in Apparel Design in 2001, Riley honed her skills as an assistant designer and patternmaker at one of the leading dancewear companies in the country, Satin Stitches.

Since then Red Shoe was born, earning a reputable following by creating classic, tailored, professionally constructed clothing and leather accessories for both men and women. The label’s designs have been displayed in countless fashion events such as Diva MN and the Midwest’s premier fashion show, Voltage: Fashion Amplified every year since its inception in 2004. Riley has also designed costumes for a number of Zorongo Flamenco productions, the Sandbox Theater, and currently teaches a weekly Fashion Class at Old Arizona.

www.redshoeclothing.com for more.


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  2. Hi! Mandy here from AIU. It’s great to see one our alumni enjoying such success in her career. We look forward to reading about Kerry’s continued accomplishments!

    Mandy Lovell
    Career Development Advisor
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