Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freedom From Doubt launches spring line

Apparently, it's unofficially men's week in local fashion. Some more news on the local menswear front: Neckwear line Freedom From Doubt - the work of Vision model Jared Zachary - has launched two new spring lines, Nicholas (so-named for Vision model Nic LaFrance) and Wesley (also named for a Vision model, Wesley Meirick). Here's a peek:

["Mint Floral" print from the Wesley collection, $50]

["Pink Floral" print from the Wesley collection, $50]

["Constellation" print from the Nicholas collection, $50]
[All photos via freedomfromdoubt.com]

The line made its debut at the Spectacle of Fashion runway show on Seven Sushi Ultralounge's rooftop last Thursday, May 20. Here's designer Jared Zachary in his own leather bow-tie design:

[Image by Margarita O'Brien]

Click here for more photos from the show by Margarita O'Brien of OGI Eyewear.

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