Saturday, May 22, 2010

New local men's fashion blog launches

I'm loving this new locally-based menswear blog The exceptionally well-designed site is a project of Corey Tenold, a web developer for space150 and Vision model, with additional content by his former space150 cohort, hip dude and graphic designer Evan Nagan. It has a focus on international and local menswear, and trends in general. So far, the duo has waxed poetic about their love for Brooks Brothers ties, Tom's shoes, Topman suits, and local designers Annie Larson and Raul Osorio. Look for a Q&A with Corey in the coming weeks in

[My not-so-awesome Photoshopped pic of Corey Tenold and Evan Nagan]

Check out the blog at


  1. Thanks for the good word! Looking forward to this project!

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