Saturday, May 15, 2010

Local fashion link recap: Art-A-Whirl weekend

Last weekend saw numerous fashion shows amidst the swirl of Art-A-Whirl activity. Here's your weekend link rundown:

[Photo from "The Death of Red Shoe" by Stacy Schwartz]

  • Ellen Dahl shoots runway and guest pix at RetroRama.
  • Minnesota Monthly reviews RetroRama and posts some nice side-by-side comparison photos of the period looks versus the modernized designer versions.
  • Beth Hammarlund reviews Kerry Riley's solo show "The Death of Red Shoe" for l'etoile.
  • Check out my review of "The Death of Red Shoe" for
  • Christian Erickson has some cool shots from "The Death of Red Shoe," and video of the dramatic finale look:

  • Stacy Schwartz posts her photos of "The Death of Red Shoe" and the MNfashion Studio's "From the Archives" opening.
  • Stylist Hollie Mae and photographer Tony Vu highlight the Twin Cities' most stylish for City Pages' Freestyle Fashion slideshow, including guests at RetroRama.

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