Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jonathan Gomez Whitney designs for Emma Berg

Interior designer Jonathan Gomez Whitney is the gold standard when it comes to local design. He's designing the interiors for the new ROBOTlove space and now-defunct sneaker store Status, as well as for a hot new salon opening this fall (details to come on that!). Just published are photos of his amazing kitchen design for the home of arts curator, mplsart.com director and fashion designer Emma Berg.

Emma has this to say on Gomez Whitney's design:

"Jonathan’s exciting and new ideas on how to address my bare kitchen for a remodel were refreshing, the planning process was creative and collaborative. Each design he came back with toped the last. The kitchen cabinetry work and shelving that Jonathan built is breathtaking. It is a perfect balance of unique visual pleasure and functionality. The kitchen is always the first room in the house that I show people and they are always taken aback. I don’t think anyone has been in there without needing to feel the curve of the upper cabinets. My kitchen truly is amazing!"

View more images at www.gomezwhitney.com.

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