Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Local designer update: Annie Larson

I am loving the knitting work local designer Annie Larson (Swank Dollar) has been doing lately.

Annie says on her blog: "Nearly all of Joy's outfit was created on the knitting machine with cotton and acrylic yarns. The dress she is wearing underneath the sweater was made last winter and crawled out of the closet this morning."

The head wrap/scarf is an ingenious piece of multiple patterns and colors knit together in a very eclectic, very Annie way. To me, it looks like something
Henrik Vibskov or one Bernhard Willhelm would come up with. The possibilities for wearing this scarf are endless.

The cardigan is similar in style and quite adorable, especially with the big buttons. I'm not sure I like the proportions of it completely - it seems a little boxy for my taste, but I could be wrong here.

But the knit shorts! Who doesn't want striped knit shorts? Well, I suppose most people aren't me. They remind me a little - in a good way - of the shorts Max Lohrbach knit for his first Voltage collection in spring 2008:

[Image by Staciann Photography]

We'll be seeing Annie next at her long-awaited February show at the Soap Factory. The conceptual performance-based show "New Land of Milk and Honey" will be a collaboration between Annie and
SisBro, the accessories line by Erin & Brett Smith that debuted at Voltage 2008. That being said, it may be a while before these knits are available for purchase, and I can hardly wait.

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