Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recap of vitaminwaterZERO Flourish fashion show

[Photo courtesy Ray Shan]

Last month, I produced a fashion show for the first time in my career for vitaminwater's new ZERO brand. I did everything from coming up with the concept of the show (seven local designers create an avant-garde look based on one of the seven new flavors), to enlisting a graphic designer to create flyer art for the show (Caroline Royce), to finding the perfect location (the rooftop gardens of Crowne Plaza), to working with a DJ to come up with the perfect soundtrack to the evening (Jonathan Ackerman). Ray Shan captured the action on behalf of designer Laura Fulk.

Designer: Danielle Everine
Flavor: Green tea ("Rescue")

Designer: Ivan Idland
Flavor: Lemonade ("Squeezed")

Designer: Max Lorhbach
Flavor: Orange ("Rise")

Designer: Calpurnia Peach
Flavor: Peach mango ("Recoup")

Designer: Emma Berg
Flavor: Grape raspberry ("Mega-C")

Designer: Kerry Riley of Needle & Black
Flavor: Mixed berry ("Go-Go")

Designer: Laura Fulk
Flavor: Acai-blueberry-pomegranate ("XXX")

[Photo by Sohail Justin Akhavein]

As the evening's host and emcee, I wore a top and shorts by Tender Cuts by Emily Bryngelson (and vintage Hermes sandals). I chat with Laura Fulk and Calpurnia Peach's Luci Kandler about their designs:

View the full photo set here. Click here for designer sketches of their designs; here for a review from l'etoile's Juleana Enright and here for Mary O'Regan's review for METRO Magazine; and here for more on the show on Le Petit.

All photos courtesy Ray Shan with Laura Fulk unless otherwise noted.

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