Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall 2010 MNfashion Week highlights

The MNfashion Week calendar for Fall 2010 is online!

Some highlights:

September 17: Envision: Artopia at Graves 501 Hotel
This show is produced every season by Ignite Models Inc., and it's always a well-done, professional show. I'm excited to see new fall lines from Calpurnia Peach and Tender Cuts, plus newcomers YQY by Vivian and ArielSimone (all new to the show this year), as well as Envision regulars Jenny Carle, PFT Couture and Russell Bourrienne. Click here for details. (Envision Promo Photo: Sera Sauser)

September 19: Haste Sans Waste fashion show at Honey
I'm on the fence about this one until I hear what designers are involved, but it's definitely a cool idea: "Pantsuits transform to evening gowns, pajamas morph to workout gear and band uniforms transition to elegant bathing suits." Click here for details.

September 23: Crosswalk at Cliché
This was a cute concept when Cliché debuted it last spring - take three of their local designers, parade them through the store, and watch them transform the crosswalk outside onto a catwalk. Designers this time around include up-and-comers Tender Cuts (a personal favorite), Kathryn V. and Niki English. Click here for more details. (Photo: Tender Cuts S/S 2010 by studio kh]

September 23: Joynoelle fashion show at International Market Square
Joy Teiken is one of the more established designers to call Minneapolis home, and we're lucky to have her. Her craftsmanship is unparalleled, and her vintage-inspired design aesthetic continues to expand into edgier territory. This should be one of the more popular shows of MNfashion Week, so tickets should go fast. Click here for more details. (Photo: Joynoelle F/W 2010)

September 24: Pale Rider at MNfashion Atrium
Raul Osorio and Danielle Everine share a good deal aesethetically, but definitely have distinct styles on their own. Osorio is known for incorporating feminine, Grecian draping into tough, militaristic menswear; now we'll see his womenswear for the first time. Danielle Everine, on the other hand, is known for her menswear-inspired womenswear, while incorporating sculptural, fine art elements and highly conceptual garments that still manage to be wearable. Both are ones to watch. Click here for more details. (Photo: Danielle Everine F/W 2010 by Ingrid Werthmann)

September 24: SGMS: Full Fashion Panic at MCAD
The annual fashion portion of the weekend-long anime workshop Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits is produced by steampunk afficionado Samantha Rei (of Blasphemina's Closet), and the show always features the latest in steampunk/Lolita/anime-inspired fashion. It showcases the work of students as well as established designers like Rei. Click here for details. (Photo: Fashion by Blasphemina's Closet)

September 25: Split Personality Launch Party at The Hub Bike Co-Op
The "unusual materials" challenges are always my favorite on Project Runway, so this event featuring garments created with bike parts should be a fun one. Again, no list of designers has been revealed but it should be fun to check out. Click here for details.

And of course, you can get a taste of all of this at Tuesday's MNfashion Week Preview Party at Honey. Click for details (Free, but RSVP required).

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