Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kelsy Osterman at New York Fashion Week, part 2

Hairstylist Kelsy Osterman - a Minnesota native and former member of my styling collective Eclecticoiffeur - is at New York Fashion Week styling shows for Cutler Salon in NYC. She had another update and backstage pix for me from Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week shows for Rebecca Taylor, Gary Graham, Patrick Ervell, Rachael
Antonoff, and Tadashi.

On Rebecca Taylor: "Did that this morning at Lincoln Center. Super fun fuzzy buns."

On Gary Graham: "Awesome show. We put lots of product and texture onto the the hair and tied it into a super low ponytail. Then cut the shit out of lots and lots of wigs and placed them on the models heads creating a faux pixie look. Combined with the pony they looked like rouge hard ass girls with rockin' mullets."

The Cutler team did cute curls for the men at Patrick Ervell.

On Rachael Antonoff: "Rachael Antonoff is a young lady with fresh youthful but strong looks. Her presentation took place in an eccentric townhouse in the wonderful west village. The idea was to create a child's paradise with forts, trampolines, and dolls that the models were frozen ad if interacting with the set. Super sweet pastels were used as the color palette with stripes and solids. Sort of Annie Larson meets Calpurnia Peach. The hair was easy and fun. We started the style with adding lots of texture. Then we did a side french braid and finished it off with a bun in the back. We then disheveled the whole thing... Which I love!"

On Tadashi: "They chose to do a presentation. They made a set of sorts and just placed the models in it so press can come and check out the whole line. Lots of design houses are choosing to go this route. It seems to save money."

All photos by Kelsy Osterman

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