Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fashion link roundup: Weekend edition

[Photo by Kiah Brasch]

My Lady Gaga costume review from her show last Monday is up at l'etoile magazine, with photos by Kiah Brasch.

John James Wallace has concert & crowd photos from the Lady Gaga show for l'etoile magazine.

LOL/OMG! has a clip of local pals chatting about meeting Lady Gaga at the Turf Club on Fox 9 News.

Ellen shoots some stylish Gaga oufits at the Lady Gaga show.

Model/blogger Hina Khan and I take in the Needle & Black/Carrier Piegon studio opening last Thursday.

Jane Belfry does a Q&A with designer Danielle Everine on her upcoming "Pale Rider" show with Raul Osorio for City Pages.

Tila Tequila is spotted wearing Coco & Breezy shades. Their eyewear also just got picked up by an online boutique based in Paris.

Local model and ANTM runner-up Reina Hein was purportedly mobbed by paparazzi in Florida.

Fashion/art photographer Benjamin Fredrickson Emily Cm for his femalebenjaminfredrickson blogspot.

Hair Plains Thrifter reviews Savers on Lake Street.

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