Friday, September 3, 2010

CREEM magazine NYC launch party photos

[CREEM editor-in-chief Jenn Cress and local Vision model Greta Sundquist] has party photos from the CREEM magazine launch in New York's Motor City on September 2. The new high-end print fashion magazine's got strong local connections - its editor-in-chief is local photog Jenn Cress, its marketing director is former Minneapolitan Dustin Helgeson, and many of its photo shoots use local talent. A local launch party is planned for September 24 in Minneapolis (location TBA). Jump the link to see more photos of notable locals who attended the party.

[CREEM cover model and local Vision model Diane Johnson]

[Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Steve Marsh, left, and former events director Gretchen Williams, far left]

[MNspeak founder Rex Sorgatz]

[Model Diane Johnson, far left; Jenn Cress, center; Dustin Helgeson, second from right]

See more photos here

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