Friday, September 17, 2010

Kelsy Osterman does New York Fashion Week, pt 3

Kelsy Osterman, my former co-hort in Eclecticoiffeur who's now working with Cutler Salon in New York, finishes up her New York Fashion Week shows with Odd Molly, Betsey Johnson, Graeme Armour, Daniel Vosovic, and Tory Burch. She sent me her full backstage report.

On Odd Molly: "Lead by Brent Lawler. Super fun. Glued in colored extensions and braided them in. We pulled some of the pieces out while braiding to create this amazing effect."

On Betsey Johnson: "What a crazy backstage. Think Candy, balloons, champagne, florecent everything, and free for all hair dos.. Omg amazing."

On Graeme Armour: "At this show, lead by Rudi Lewis, you had to know your stuff. He is a fabulous hairdresser with very high standards. In this hairstyle, we created three chignon's to create a square shape. Making something square on an already round shape can be very difficult. After getting through lack of power, litterally electricity, we had only about an hour to bust 17 looks out. Long story short.. It was hecktic!! But check it out. What a beautiful innovative shape."

On Daniel Vosovic: "Yay!! Daniel Vosovic!! He's so sweet! He did this amazing video before his show. His 'story' was about a girl running through the woods, who starts out proper but gets caught up in twigs and dirt."

Tory Burch:

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