Friday, January 29, 2010

Matt Scharenbroich's hand-illustrated flyers

(Updated 1/29/10) This is primarily a local fashion blog, but sometimes I get so inspired by something in other artistic realms that I can't help but post them, too.

My latest obsession? Hand-illustrated flyers by Matt Scharenbroich for Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords. City Pages pointed out his newest work for Grant & crew's show on Friday. (Look to the print issue of on Thursday for my writeup and album preview.) Here's a few of Matt's previous flyers for GC&GL:

Formerly of legendary local punk band The Plastic Constellations, Matt is the drummer for Grant Cutler of Lookbook fame's latest project, which also includes members of Askeleton and Brutal Becomings. What do you know? Matt is also an accomplished visual artist. View his site here.


  1. He needs to do one for the Gorgeous Lords / Blue Sky Blackout show on the 30th!! I love these too.

  2. Much sincere gratitude for the appreciation. Thanks Jahna!

  3. These just get better and better. Wow.