Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In review: Curster's Dollmighty Fashion Show

Check out these gorgeous photos by Stephanie Colgan from the Curster's Dollmighty Fashion Show that happened back on December 12 at Soo Visual Arts Center. I had the good fortune to attend the show and it was charming, astounding, and impeccably-styled. Stephanie has signed on as Voltage 2010's Staff Photographer, and I'm quite looking forward to working with her. She's quite the talent; her work at New York Fashion Week has appeared in major publications such as The New York Times (Click here for an earlier recap I did on her).

The Curster's Dollmighty fashion collection is currently available at the Soo Visual Arts Centers' Soo Too gift shop. Here's the writeup I did on it for Vita.mn:

Unless you’re a regular at ROBOTlove or Soo Visual Art Center, chances are you don’t know about the Twin Cities designer toy scene. But over the past few years, Minneapolis artist and designer Erin Currie has been creating plush, hand-painted, creepy-yet-cute creatures known as Curster, and they’ve since become one of the top-selling plushies on Etsy.com. Now, Currie is taking her Curster aesthetic to the world of fashion. Her debut fashion line, Curster’s Dollmighty, hits the runway this weekend, and looks to be inspired by Victorian embroidery, Eskimo outerwear and military uniforms. The hand-embroidered, one-of-a-kind dresses, tees, hoodies, handknit sweaters, hats and ornate mukluks will be available for sale following the show. -Jahna Peloquin

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