Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cliché's "Avoid the Grey" preview

Though both of Cliché's fashion shows this Thursday are already sold out, I thought I'd still offer a preview of what you may see, if you're lucky enough to have scored tickets.

First up is Emily Bryngelson. The University of Minnesota apparel student is about to show her senior line at the U of M's senior show, and she's already crafted her second line, Tender Cuts, for Cliché. Look to see more of Emily's penchant for high-waisted silhouettes, soft patterns and florals, and lady-like details styled with a tough edge.

[Emily Bryngelson images by Stephanie Hynes]

You can view more of Emily's past work HERE.

Amanda Christine's collections are always a favorite, and she's taken her wearable silhouettes to a chic-er level than ever before. I'm loving the tougher, architectural lines seen here - perfect for summer soirees. I'll have to ponder which pieces I'll be putting on order come spring when I see them up close at this Thursday's show.

[Amanda Christine Images by Rod Hasse]

Visit amandachristinedesigns.com to view Amanda's entire spring 2010 collection.

Finally, we have Kimberly Jurek of kjurek couture. These pieces are totally wearable and showcase Kimberly's love of color. The longtime Cliché designer tells me she's planning a trip with Amanda Christine to POOL in February; it's said to be the biggest retail trade event in the U.S.

[kjurek couture images provided by designer]

View the rest of the kjurek couture Spring 2010 collection at Kimberly's facebook page, and previous collections at kjurekcouture.net.

Other fashion designers at Thursday's show include Kelson, Niki English, Peloria, syd, Carmichael Claith, Kathryn V, Dawson, Ivan Idland, Jenny Carle, Red Shoe Clothing Co. (Kerry Riley), Rachel Delange, Arwyn Birch, and Ashley Busch.

Click HERE for my profile of Cliché owners Josh and Delayna Sundberg in last week's issue of Vita.mn.

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  1. i miss shopping at cliche!! i love emily's work -- those shorts are great.