Friday, January 1, 2010

Alec Soth "Fashion Magazine" exhibition now at Weinstein

Alec Soth, Grand Palais, Chanel, 2007

Local photographer Alec Soth's "Fashion Magazine" exhibition quietly went up at the Weinstein Gallery last month, and it includes many of the images from his photo book Paris, Minnesota, taken in 2007 during Paris Fashion Week. The book, which juxtaposed the images from Paris with that of rural Minnesota with residents in haute couture, has long been on my wish list. I covered it back in 2007 for, which you can see here.

It should be amazing to see in person, as the 20+ images are large-format. The show also includes some of the images featured some that do not appear in the book, like the classic image of Yves Saint Laurent's bulldog, Moujik IV, seated on a green brocade chair under the watchful eye of his bodyguard.

The Weinstein website features many of the images from the show; I selected my favorites below.

Alec Soth, Marie Antoinette, 2007

Alec Soth, Jane (dinner), 2007

Alec Soth, Moujik IV (and bodyguard), Fondation YSL, 2007

Alec Soth, Natalia (after), 2007

Alec Soth, Pauline, 2007

Alec Soth, Rue de la Paix, 2007

The exhibition also includes behind-the-scenes photos of Versailles by Robert Polidori and three smoked-glass sculptures by Nicholas Africano, and is ongoing through February 6. Weinstein Gallery is located at 908 W. 46th Street, Minneapolis. 612-822-1722.

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