Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local fashion roundup for 1.10-1.16

Better late than never - here's my weekly roundup of local fashion links and news.

[Image via DailyMakeover.com]

The Daily Makeover has a step-by-step guide on How to Curl You Hair with a Flat Iron by former Minneapolitan hair stylist Kelsy Osterman. Kelsy is currently working as a stylist at Cutler Salon in NYC. Congrats, Kels! [DailyMakover.com]

This season of Project Runway may not include any local fashion designers, but they're still in the news. Season 6 contestant Christopher Straub is blogging weekly recaps for RealityWanted.com. He also recently posted "lost photos" from behind-the-scenes of Project Runway, Season 6 that includes shots of the tattoos he got with Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. [RealityWanted.com, facebook]

Mary O'Regan covers spring fashion in Minnesota and previews local boutique Cliche's upcoming Avoid the Grey fashion show on her Fitting Room blog for METRO Magazine. Cliche designer Kimberly Jurek posts images of her Spring 2010 collection, appearing at Avoid the Grey next week. Look for my preview of Cliche's show on letoilemagazine.com. [METROmag.com, facebook]

[Image by Colin Angus]

Check out the edgy new fashion shoot featuring Minneapolis-based model Michael Elmquist of Vision Model Management in a quarterly online menswear|lifestyle magazine called Visual Tales. Click here for more fashion spreads featuring the rising star. Click here to view all the images. [The Fashionisto via Visual Tales Magazine]

North Virginia-based underground arts magazine Beautiful/Decay posts images of the recent custom knitwear from Minneapolis-based fashion designer Annie Larson, a collaboration with fiber artist and Susan Johnson of Avalance, Wisconsin. [Beautiful/Decay]

Check out this video which gives details about Coco & Breezy's upcoming fashion show at New York Fashion Week, in which the sunglasses-designing twins plan to launch their debut clothing line. [Coco & Breezy on facebook]

[Photo from backstage at Voltage 2009 by Jenn Barnett]

Check out these recently uploaded, never-before-seen shots from Voltage 2009 by Jenn Barnett. [facebook via LOL-OMG!]

In Voltage 2010 news, the open model call has been announced for February 6. Click here for details. [Voltage 2010 facebook page.

Midwest fashion blog The Midwasteland has a posted a Duluth shopping guide. [The Midwasteland]

Local fashion designer Kerry Riley's brand-new e-shop is now live. Browse her popular screen-printed t-shirt selection now, with more products promised to be available in the coming month. [Red Shoe Clothing Co.]

Pioneer Press reports that destruction of unsold clothing (as in the recent case with H&M) is a rarity in the Twin Cities. [Pioneer Press]

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