Monday, October 24, 2011

Copyright Infringement: Annie Larson vs. Urban Outfitters

Another day, another major retailer knocking off an independent designer's work. The latest culprit: hipster haven Urban Outfitters, who've apparently copied a knit hat design by Minnesota native Annie Larson. According to a post on Annie's blog entitled "F.U., U.A," the pattern was developed for a collection of her ALL Knitwear line that was released in April 2010, and was used in two different pieces as well as multiple times in alternate colorways. Ironically, the company has featured Annie Larson's work on their blog before, but she says they've never solicited her work.

[Left: Annie Larson's hat, 2010. Right: Urban Outfitters' version, 2011]

As Annie states on her blog, "Even though neither of these styles are available on my site any longer, I am pretty dismayed with this situation. However, I am not surprised and nobody I have mentioned it to has been surprised either. Why is this? It's because Urban Outfitters and many other mass market retailers blatantly copy the work of other people without permission and attempt to pass it off as their own."

What can you do as a consumer? For one, you can support Annie by purchasing the original version or visiting her e-shop, and look for her forthcoming collection for Madewell.

Curious about what other local designs have been copied? Click here for more Copyright Infringement.

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  1. Oh My God! That sucks! They should pay her!