Thursday, October 13, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

MNfashion Week came calling, so muses and lenses went on hiatus. Now that things have calmed down a bit, it's back with more of the best in the newest fashion, street style and portrait photography by local photographers and subjects.

Karrah Kobus stalks Kouwai Potocnik in the woods. (Click here for the full photo set.)

Style blogger Kitty Cotten gets into the pale.

HAUS Salon previews its new fall campaign starring Vision model Mary Cann. (Photo: Stephanie Rau)

Singer Margaret Lane shows off an edgy new color and cut. (Photo: Aysha Mazumdar Stanger)

Local jewelry line Bionic Unicorn was featured in the lookbook shoot for neo-Victorian designer Firefly Path. Click here for more photos from the spread.

Style blogger Chloe Ahlf gets caught in the rain (Photo: David Medolia. See the full set here)

Minneapolis-via-New York men's style blog catches former Minneapolis fashion designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman during his New York Fashion Week presentation last month. Click here for more photos from the presentation.

Vision model Ashlee Walker gets boyish in a shoot shot by boyfriend Corey Tenold, styled and modeled by the couple themselves. Click here for the full set.

METRO Magazine fashion editor Mary O'Regan pairs zig zags, harmen pants and her shocking red hair. (View more images at Art of Wore.)

Dirty Hair Halo style blogger Shannon Licari matches clashing prints with aplomb.

Photographer Brad Ogbonna spots Daily Show comic Wyatt Cenac on the streets of New York.

Andrew Cahak captures BlackBlue associate Satchel B. Moore in a quiet moment.

Photogen-Inc.'s Eliesa Johnson previews a frame from a forthcoming shoot featuring local model Tearra Rosario.

Andrea Vogel shows old Hollywood style in Handsome Cycles' new catalog.

Secrets Fashion Agency PR director Davee Ek styles herself in shades of mustard.

Local musician Liam Watkins gets glitter on his face. (Photo: Shanna Allyn Photography)

Local fashion designer Maritza Ramirez lounges around the park on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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