Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tearra Rosario's music video features local fashion

Tearra Rosario, whom I've long known primarily as a model, has just shot her debut music video for her music project Oso. Turns out miss Rosario is quite the triple threat - model, singer and Bomba (traditional Puerto Rican) dancer. The video for "Stir It Up" is yet to come out, but in the meantime check out these behind-the-scenes stills by photographer Sara Kiesling. Tearra ingeniously cast some of her favorite collaborators - recent Project Runway aufee Danielle Everine (wearing her own design from the recent "Little Black Dress" fashion show), local musician Mayda and MC Longshot as gorgeously styled extras - many of which are in designs by local designers like Everine, Jenny Carle and Arwyn Birch - in addition to model pals Monica Ulrich and Alex Brouhard.

Click here to view more behind-the-scenes photos by Sara Kiesling.

Photography: Sara Kiesling
Talent: Tearra Rosario, Monica Ulrich, Jessica Driscoll, Danielle Everine, Alex Brouhard, Shani Phelan, Amber Brenke, Niki Molinar, Alice Sydow, Mayda Miller, MC Longshot, Elliott Graber, Daniel Handeen
Hair Stylists: Mark Dolan, Lola Teeny, Amber Brenke, Niki Molinar
Makeup Artists: Romeny Chan, Amber Brenke, Niki Molinar
Designers/Stylists: Jenny Carle, Danielle Everine, Arwyn Birch, Alice Sydow (I’ve Got Your Style), Costume the Cities
Location: Mancini’s Char House & Lounge, St. Paul, MN

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