Monday, October 17, 2011

Video: Stephanie Lake Design studio tour by MN Original

MN Original's tour of Stephanie Lake's home studio has just hit the web. In the video, the art curator-turned jeweler and designer talks about her academic approach to creating jewelry, and gives viewers an intimate look into her design process, from sourcing materials to creating the final piece. The video originally aired as part of MN Original episode #242, and was MN Original Director of Photography Dan Huiting's first piece for tpt's weekly Minnesota arts series.

In the video, Stephanie sums up her worldview thusly: "It's not about having an occasion to do something special. It's about surrounding yourself with things that reflect who you are, and mean something to you, and are gratifying to you, and not wasting your time on things that are just okay." Choice words indeed. To view Stephanie's gems, visit

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