Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annie Larson featured on Urban Outfitters blog

Celebrated local knitwear designer Annie Larson - just recently one of the focal points of l'etoile's recent spread "The Knitting Factory" that I styled - has gotten another high-profile burst of national press. This time, it's on Urban Outfitters' blog. Say what you will about the controversial brand, it's a great bit of exposure from the rising local star.

Some choice quotes:

Who taught you how to knit?
I learned to knit from a woman named Lora Kinnan, owner of Daisy Knits in North Minneapolis. She is the one who sold me the machine I use now. Right after I bought the machine, I would go for lessons every week. The first thing I learned was how to make a tiny sock.

What do you love about Minneapolis?
I love Minneapolis because my friends live here and they are wonderful. Minneapolis has many small-town aspects to it that help me relate more to my childhood. I like knowing the people that are serving me coffee. It's also a nice city for biking and exploring nature, but I hate winter.

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