Sunday, January 30, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

The best in local street fashion, portrait and fashion photography from local muses and lenses, gathered via Twitter, Facebook and blog uploads from the past week.

Ellen Dahl Lawson captures Ignite model Tearra Rosario in all her glory at the MNfashion Week buyer event in a Sarah M. Holm swimsuit for The Minneapoline.

Musician/ad agency honcho Christian Erickson and gets a masked kiss from his wife, singer Janey Winterbauer.

Teri Anvid and Emma Berg get leggy at Friday's Walker After Hours, as captured by Kate Iverson.

Sarah Sauser shoots a model in a mask by stylist Hollie Mae, with hair and makeup by Kate Erickson.

Vision model Elle Williams is photographed by Jake Freeman with hair/makeup by Amber Brenke wearing a dress from June.

Amy Gee shoots some moody runway shots at Cliche's Avoid the Grey fashion show on Saturday.

Minnesota-born Ignite model Whitney Fransway (relocated to L.A.) was back in town to shoot with John Wallace and gets spirited away. (Click here for more images from the shoot.)

Sohail Akhavein does a darkly romantic self-portrait series of himself with John Sand.

Ignite model Kristina Lezepekova gets raw for Brooklyn photographer Carolyn Griffin. (Click here for more photos from the shoot.)

Can't get enough of Kristina. Here she is again, this time as photographed by Nuru Kimondo. (Click here for more images.)

Durio shot Minneapolis ex-pats, eyewear designers Coco & Breezy, on the streets of Brooklyn in this recently unearthed photo.

I couldn't pass up the chance to post this adorbz photo of Coco & Breezy behind masks by Brooklyn musician Jaimz Deen.

Photographer Emily Utne is looking pretty with her pooch.

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